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  1. Your argument was Canadians have more heart, and all things equal that makes them the better selection. That is what most posters took exception with not that we need high end players. That's a given. Larkin has been very good over the last month. It is starting to appear that he is breaking through the sophomore slump.
  2. The "D" isn't very good... in this draft
  3. I was referring to the collusion between Bettman and Pittsburgh. As in if Pittsburgh were in our shoes this season...
  4. Yes, so in theory (if we were Pittsburgh) could still get the #1 overall. Realistically we need to hope one of Middlestadt or Tippet fall to 6/7...
  5. The reason I picked the Abrams is because they are good at tanking in any situation. The Wings were good at tanking when we all wanted them to win, and now when we want them to tank they suck at it.
  6. Gotta give Blashill a little credit for double shifting Mantha in OT
  7. Mackel is right the Canadians on our team have way more heart and "grit" than guys like Zetterberg, Tatar, Larkin, Abby, Kronner and etc... "Canadian hockey players hearts are 1.25 X the size of every other nationality. It's science."- signed Ron Burgandy
  8. He isn't that much better than Babcock-light
  9. You could add a lot more players to that list with Kronner. Mantha must have done/said something that we don't know about other than have defensive lapses.
  10. So Blashill is a as long as you try you get a trophy kinda guy. Probably why we're last place in the east...
  11. I think we should take a center with our first pick. I know Larkin is young, but he has shown nothing to make me think he could be a good center let alone a top line center. AA may develop into a top 6 center but that leaves us needing another.
  12. While the Nato allies subscribed to a lot of crazy theories, your assessment of history is not accurate. I guess if you consider a military/political coup a "technical" victory then you would be right...
  13. On a better note, Malkin got his a** kicked by Wheeler tonight...
  14. Well that went well...