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  1. Why would that make you a racist? He just isn't very good at hockey. Neither is Girardi so we should stay away from both...
  2. Why do you have two defensemen listed on your pp units? I sure hope we a better option on the point than DD when Rasmussen is ready for the NHL.
  3. I think this is a fair critique of those not happy with the pick.
  4. Nm
  5. Hopefully Philly doesn't take Ukko-Pekka
  6. If you think the head coach bears no responsibility for hiring assistants or has a hand in the power play you're wrong. You make a shallow argument and then double down to defend Holland and Co. quite comical to be honest. Would I have liked Vilardi, yes but as you said there are some serious question marks with him. What about Suzuki, Necas, Tippett, or Liljegren? All are better 5v5, just as good on the power play, and omg they actually have a primary assist. I think KRsmith hits the nail on the head. It's not that we don't need a pp specialist, just not at 9 with better prospects on the board. I hope I am 100% wrong and he develops into a great player for us.
  7. No you're right we only went from 23.8% in 14/15, to 18%, to 15% respectively and it is all on the players not coaching.... Since Blashill has taken over he has had two pp coaches, and both years it has been a failure. There is one common denominator and it is Blashill. Whether he has hired two bums or he is dictating the philosophy it has resulted in the worst slide of pp scoring in the NHL over two years. Nyquist and Green are PP specialists and it has worked out real well over the last two years. Your article doesn't prove your position on why to take Rasmussen just states the obvious. PP and Goaltending, which is a derivative from defensive play, leads to a successful season. Well no sh*t captain obvious. Maybe dive into the facts, and statistics to find root causes instead of cherry picking an article and educate yourself son...
  8. More like from the cart to the putting green. Then after missing a tap in putt back to the cart to kick the tires...
  9. Do you not like even strength goals? They all count the same, and there is a better argument to be made that if someone can score 5v5 they can score 5v4. Our issue is with coaching on the pp, and not having a good #2 quarterback behind Green.
  10. I don't think his goal totals are all that impressive for playing in the WHL. He doesn't have a single primary assist, and has the worst 5v5 scoring in the draft. Pretty alarming for a #1C in the WHL. Hopefully he improves, and I wish him the best of luck. I think the game has passed this organization by with their disregard for analytics. It's kinda like being a climate denier. Moving on, I would not mind a trade to get another early second. Isaac Ratcliffe is still available who compares to a better skating Lucic. Draft him along with Hague and we will have all the size that leftwinger and richdg can handle. But instead we will take a goalie according to Ansar Khan...
  11. Evidently the organization doesn't put to much stock into analytics.
  12. Terrible....
  13. Gotta be Vilardi
  14. I wonder if the pitch was a top 9 spot in Detroit. Maybe Hollands plan is to sign Foo and trade one of Nyquist/Tatar for a second 1st to draft McCollum #2.
  15. Regardless of age Necas would be a great pick at 9. Dr. Dangles did a great write up on him a few weeks back that sold me. If Necas, Petterson, and Suzuki are all still available at 9 I would consider trading back a few spots to get a 2018 2nd.