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  1. BringBack19

    2020 Draft Thread

    In my opinion Perfetti is overrated. He is slow and gets physically dominated. Even if he develops the physical side of the game, and can win a puck battle his skating will always hold him back from being a top tier forward.
  2. BringBack19

    2020 Draft Thread

    I am pissed too, but It’s time to have a breakfast beer put our big boy/girl/? pants on and get over the fact that the NHL is rigged. Buttman learned under Stern and look at the NBA draft shenanigans over his term. There are good options at 4, and if we’re not getting Lafrenière the talent gap between the leftovers is minimal. Hopefully Stützle is available, but if not I think Raymond is going to be an absolute stud. I know he is a winger, and we need another top 6 center so Rossi would work too. Drysdale, to me, is a middling 1st round talent not top 5. If he was left handed I would be more interested. Holtz is another interesting player that has a nice skill set and great work ethic. I think Raymond has higher end talent, we could use a offense driving playmaker. Just a few ramblings from a guy on his third beer.
  3. BringBack19

    2020 Draft Thread

    I don’t think “parody” means what you think it means...
  4. BringBack19

    2020 Draft Thread

    It is Ottawa after all
  5. BringBack19

    If Lafreniere pulls an Eric Lindros on the Wings

    The price will be much less than drafting Rasmussen.
  6. BringBack19

    WAKE ME UP GDT - Black Birb Team @ Wheel Team - 4:30 PST

    I know you’re not asking me, but if I’m not traveling then I work from home. I don’t put pants on until someone knocks on the door.
  7. McIlrath needs to stay with the big club. He has been better than the rest of our bottom pair options.
  8. I mean Hillary does it, so why not...
  9. Perlini has been good. I wonder what he would look like with Larkin, but obviously Helm has that spot locked down...
  10. No doubt about it, but that’s not the answer this season.
  11. Well it’s not baseball so he could go back in. Not that it would matter if it’s 5-1
  12. This team may be as bad as it appears
  13. So Necas is good. I wish we would have drafted him instead of Rasmussen.
  14. That Daley-Bowey pair is pretty rough.