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  1. Corsi CF% vs CA%. Last year he gave up more than he created and at a worse rate than Smith. So he may block more shots but he also, as unimaginable as it may be, fails to clear the zone more which leads to more opposition offense. That was the breakdown on wiim, and data was backed by
  2. What's strange about that is his shot suppression isn't as high as Smiths, and of course he gets more points than Smith he has had much better forwards to play with. If he is better overall it isn't by much... You're right we are going to the Stanley Cup Finals... Everyone is going to be better, injuries are not going to happen, and Mrazek is going to have a vezna caliber season... I am not a pessimistic person, but this team has regressed every year since 08 why would that change now?
  3. I just don't see how this team improved. Smith is better than Daley, and Kronwall is only going to be worse. Not to mention Big E is on the decline. I don't see how the defense improved at all, actually it may be worse. I don't think it is likely for Z to match his production from last year, but that should be offset by Mantha, Larkin, and AA taking another step forward. Tatar and Nyquist should be about around the same production. Howard is not going to replicate how good he was last year, nor will he be healthy all year.
  4. Off-season moves

    My interpretation is that he would be subject to the normal waiver procedure. If he is sent to the AHL by Vegas, claimed by Colorado on waivers, and subsequently sent down again by Colorado he would go back to Vegas at the AHL level as Frk did for us.
  5. Keith Petruzzelli

    With our lineup it is entirely possible
  6. Off-season moves

    Idk about that. I think Nosek will carve out a really nice niche for himself at the NHL level.
  7. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    Well at least he isn't Al Avila...
  8. Off-season moves

    Why would that make you a racist? He just isn't very good at hockey. Neither is Girardi so we should stay away from both...
  9. 2017 Draft

    Why do you have two defensemen listed on your pp units? I sure hope we a better option on the point than DD when Rasmussen is ready for the NHL.
  10. 2017 Draft

    I think this is a fair critique of those not happy with the pick.
  11. 2017 Draft

  12. 2017 Draft

    Hopefully Philly doesn't take Ukko-Pekka
  13. 2017 Draft

    If you think the head coach bears no responsibility for hiring assistants or has a hand in the power play you're wrong. You make a shallow argument and then double down to defend Holland and Co. quite comical to be honest. Would I have liked Vilardi, yes but as you said there are some serious question marks with him. What about Suzuki, Necas, Tippett, or Liljegren? All are better 5v5, just as good on the power play, and omg they actually have a primary assist. I think KRsmith hits the nail on the head. It's not that we don't need a pp specialist, just not at 9 with better prospects on the board. I hope I am 100% wrong and he develops into a great player for us.
  14. 2017 Draft

    No you're right we only went from 23.8% in 14/15, to 18%, to 15% respectively and it is all on the players not coaching.... Since Blashill has taken over he has had two pp coaches, and both years it has been a failure. There is one common denominator and it is Blashill. Whether he has hired two bums or he is dictating the philosophy it has resulted in the worst slide of pp scoring in the NHL over two years. Nyquist and Green are PP specialists and it has worked out real well over the last two years. Your article doesn't prove your position on why to take Rasmussen just states the obvious. PP and Goaltending, which is a derivative from defensive play, leads to a successful season. Well no sh*t captain obvious. Maybe dive into the facts, and statistics to find root causes instead of cherry picking an article and educate yourself son...