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  1. BringBack19

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Yes, just small.
  2. Makes sense and if that’s the case it is a good move to just make the pick. You don’t want to set a precedent that you will take a low offer because that’s what is on the table. In the future all you get is low offers.
  3. BringBack19

    2019 Draft

    Another interesting name is Dorofeyev. The only thing he is missing is elite skating according to scouts. His top end speed isn’t bad so you would think it could be improved. Probably want to go with the best center available, but as the Captain said last night every position is a need for us.
  4. BringBack19

    2019 Draft

    I really hope Bobby Brink/Hoglander is available at 35. However, if he is not we could always gamble on a Lavoie or Kaliyev. Concerns with effort and consistency with both, but the raw tools are there. I didn’t like how Kaliyev was sulking yesterday and couple that with the reports that he checks out for long stretches he may be a hard pass for the organization.
  5. Yeah for sure. Plus they got Newhook. The avs are gonna be monsters in a few years.
  6. So as much of a tire fire that the senators are, ole Lassi is a solid pick. I was hoping he would be available at 35.
  7. Seider-Hronek will be a nice combo
  8. Jonas is now an Oiler fan...
  9. Definitely like Seider but unless we were worried that Kenny was going to take him why not at least get a 2nd for moving back...
  10. Stevie better have gotten some motivational benefits
  11. Damn them too... Trade back Stevie! Turcotte’s mom is a negative ghost rider...
  12. He shoulda been ours if Buttman didn’t rig the draft smh...