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  1. Here's the article. It seems like the more mainstream scouting services disagree with him, but it doesn't mean he is wrong. I really don't care who the wings draft I just hope he can be a pivotal part of the future.
  2. I'm starting to like the idea of Rasmussen more and more. Big center who uses his size well, goes to the net, and has good hands.
  3. He has great skill, but he is only 5'10".
  4. We are not going to be contenders for at least a few years. If the price isn't reasonable wait until he hits UFA then try and sign him.
  5. I think AA is banged up a bit so they are protecting his minutes.
  6. No, though there are others on my list higher than him. I would be thrilled if we pick Rasmussen at 5 or later.
  7. DK Scores!!! oh wait smh...
  8. Well Mantha needs to learn how to throw punches
  9. Wouldn't that be nearly the same quality of player? Plus that would be worst case scenario, so the risk level of say trading with Phoenix is very low. If the right opportunity presented itself for a 2018 first, and 2017 2nd I would do it.
  10. If we are picking in the 5-10 range he would be a good pickup at a position of need.
  11. Your argument was Canadians have more heart, and all things equal that makes them the better selection. That is what most posters took exception with not that we need high end players. That's a given. Larkin has been very good over the last month. It is starting to appear that he is breaking through the sophomore slump.
  12. The "D" isn't very good... in this draft
  13. I was referring to the collusion between Bettman and Pittsburgh. As in if Pittsburgh were in our shoes this season...
  14. Yes, so in theory (if we were Pittsburgh) could still get the #1 overall. Realistically we need to hope one of Middlestadt or Tippet fall to 6/7...