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  1. I hope the comments that Holland is trying to renegotiate Smiths contract is just an attempt to raise the price tag. If not, this season is going to be the norm going forward. Signing middle of the road NHL players to long contracts is not a great strategy in regards to a rebuild. What's scary is I don't think the organization believes a rebuild is needed.
  2. This is exactly the type of thinking that got the organization into the situation it's in. He would get more than a 5th, more likely a 3rd. It would be a terrible idea to tie up more significant cap space on a 3rd pairing defenseman during a rebuild. Let alone they have to structure raises to AA, Mantha, Larkin, and Jensen.
  3. Quite frankly this doesn't surprise me. Smith has underperformed expectations so he deserves a 6 year, 4 million dollar contract in Hollands mind.
  4. I wouldn't group Hischier into the play small Nyquist type. He uses his body and stick like Z. I actually think that is a very good comparison as far as game/potential go.
  5. Any kind of trade for Trouba that uses the top 5 pick, and doesn't involve AA, Mantha, or Larkin I am in for. He is 22 and only going to get better over the next decade. This draft class is weak compared to the last few but it is no worse than 2012.
  6. I don't necessarily give Holland a pass with regards to Chychrun either. His plan was to move Dats contract to sign Stammer. He didn't so as of now it is not a successful move. Now if we get a good pick for Vanek, and Nielsen is competent through the whole contract then it wouldn't be one of Hollands worse moves by far. The book isn't closed on this move, and we probably won't know until whoever we pick develops. All of this being said I don't think Holland deserves to be bashed for trading with Arizona. He swung for the fences, good for him.
  7. No, I would take Middlestadt at that point. He has more than a little Patty Kane in his game.
  8. Well JR was pretty bullish on Brendan Smith lol
  9. Looking at this and realizing we don't have any real promising centers in the minors puts center as the top necessity. Z only has a year or two left, Nielsen is not a #1, and most importantly is Larkin even going to develop as a center? This could be a long rebuild. The only position of strength in the whole organization is wingers.
  10. I would say Mantha is at the very least the same level of Trouba respective of position. I agree with everything else you say. The question is what is Trouba's ceiling?
  11. I hate to call someone a liar, but I didn't like Nyquists explanation of what happened. It wasn't an accident, and he should have just owned up to it.
  12. Nolan Patrick, Hischier, and Vilardi are all future top 6 centers which we need. Mittelstadt may have the highest potential of the top 7 picks, but is a winger. That being said if Trouba is available for Tatar + 1st round pick I don't care about getting another pick from Winnipeg, just make the trade. I just don't think it will be that cheap.
  13. Hopefully it is just a product of a bad team, and he develops into a solid NHL defenseman. I'm just skeptical over the fact that Xavier Ouellet is the only top 4 defenseman we have drafted and developed since Kronwall.
  14. Barring an unlikely run of winning hockey it appears we will be picking in the top 5. I would be happy with any of Patrick, Hischier, Vilardi, Tippett, or Mittelstadt. All are no more than a year away from the NHL. With the exception of Mittelstadt the rest may be able to step right in and contribute. Hopefully (unlikely) Vanek can bring us a late first round pick, and we can acquire Foote/Hague later in the first. Unfortunately our scouting department is subpar with identifying defenseman. If put in this position Holland would probably reach for the next Cholowoski type. Who by the way is not having a good freshman year in college.
  15. Is it a coaching or scouting issue in your opinion? I tend to lean towards a scouting problem, but it is probably a blend of both.