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  1. "I'll tell you something, I am a wolf butt, I like to wear sheep's clothing." #MisheardGarbageLyrics #TemptationWaits

  2. I'm at Tervis Headquarters - @tervistumbler in North Venice, FL https://t.co/HxylrW0E8g

  3. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 2/21/2017: 16,955 steps and 7.6 miles traveled. https://t.co/8YeecvmLJM

  4. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 2/20/2017: 13,694 steps and 4.5 miles traveled. https://t.co/8YeecvmLJM

  5. Drinking a Maven Chocolate Milk Stout by @BarleyMowBrew @ North Port, FL — https://t.co/7fDd9Iro3d

  6. I'm at Chinas Wok in Venice, FL https://t.co/E2oT3hj7IU

  7. @karijones I just ate six tacos. And that's on top of this morning's goodies. I'm not allowed to eat for the next two days. ????

  8. This album will forever remind me of moving into and painting our old house in Budd Lake.… https://t.co/ltMH6xoDVM

  9. OMG, just solved an IT problem at work. Had stumped everyone else for two days. I stepped up and fixed it in literally 30 seconds. Go me.

  10. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 2/13/2017: 9,584 steps and 3.1 miles traveled. https://t.co/8YeecvmLJM

  11. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 2/13/2017: 9,584 steps and 3.1 miles traveled. https://t.co/8YeecvmLJM

  12. @JillPantozzi Wa...wasn't he in the goddamn ARMY?! And he says... WHAT. THE. f***.

  13. This is glorious. https://t.co/RCS1CqyBss

  14. It's possible I may not eat enough during the day. Home from work, one beer a... (Koko Brown Ale ) https://t.co/AhczMNi2FB

  15. Oh god. There were termites at work everywhere this morning. Left the bay door open and thankfully, most of them have left, but ick.