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  1. DaKineMaui


    Is that the Hawks backing into the playoffs?
  2. So happy to see you back here :) welcome home!

  3. DaKineMaui

    The person below me game...

    If I'm alone (=never) then yes. Otherwise it turns into just another bother. TPBM knows that you need one beagle around just to know what perfect pancakes look like. :::EDIT - learning hwo ot tpye:::::
  4. DaKineMaui

    This or That

    The person above me posted in the wrong thread, thus destroying their mistake free life. ---------OR------------ I am the one in the wrong thread?
  5. DaKineMaui

    The person below me game...

    (Not playing TPBM game - just thought we could watch this.
  6. DaKineMaui

    This or That

    1995 I'd buy.......but now? No way. Software and music are FREE. I do NOT care what anyone says. Dentists or auditors?
  7. DaKineMaui

    This or That

    Wow.....OD'd on Flinstone chewables when I was a kid. Or was that last week with the mainlining heroin? It's a blur......anyways...... General Tsoa's or sweet and sour?
  8. DaKineMaui

    This or That

    Da Soo. Potato peeler or paring knife?
  9. DaKineMaui

    The person below me game...

    Nope. TPBM has tickets to an upcoming event.
  10. DaKineMaui

    This or That

    ANYTHING outside of the People's Republic of Canada is better. Lightening or thunder?
  11. DaKineMaui

    This or That

    TiVo should be mentioned in the Constitution. Brand new toothbrush or brand new razor.
  12. DaKineMaui

    The person below me game...

    Never even seen one live. The Person Below Me has used the yellow pages more than once in the last 6 months.
  13. DaKineMaui

    The person below me game...

    Place we're holed up in has no TiVo option....BUT YES....love to record 'em! TPBM wants to scratch my beagle named Koa on the neck, and ask him "Who'sagooboy? Who'sagooboy?". KOA's agooboy!thatswho!!! and then watch him freak out on yer head, neck, ears....nibble nibble nibble, roll over, roll roll etc....... ::::::::EDIT::::::::::::::: That's Koa......pronounced Koh-ah......named after a beautiful pc of Maui lumber.
  14. DaKineMaui

    This or That

    This. Chewing a mouthful of Belgium crystal or a mouthful of pine needles?
  15. DaKineMaui

    Congrats Pens, Good Season Wings...

    G'job fellas.