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  1. best laugh in a long time...needed that.. on a serious note, I saw it and was like "WTF, I'm not that out of the loop am I?"
  2. I went to the Eminem concert last was awesome
  3. I went to a game at the start of hte 2nd and had no issues what so ever
  5. well that made my monday better
  6. how sad....prayers to the Fedorov family
  7. He deserves it. He is also my favourite non wing. I saw him play in Sarnia and he is just awesome
  8. I have seen a lot of gruesome things being an EMT, but breaks just get to me. I saw this and just immediately felt bad. The look on his face just said it all.
  9. I screamed like a girl.....wait I am a girl! But I am so excited now. I told my husband forget any other games I asked to go to...I want to go to this game!!!!
  10. did he forget it locks from the inside????
  11. Everybody gets an A!!!!!
  12. The NHL starts on 1 October - and Damien Brunner, one of Switzerland's best striker of all time, still stands there without a team. An extension of his contract with the Detroit Red Wings, he had refused. Now he could be on the EV train. According to the "New Lucerne newspaper" it was possible that the 27-year-old marksman will wear in the upcoming season in the ECC dress. Jakub Horak, the sporting director of Zug, says: "We do not plan to Brunner. But of course we would take him blowing a kiss. " It would be conceivable an agreement from game to game, with the option that Brunner can get off at any time - but he should be find in the NHL. (gr) thanks to google translate...sometimes I think they botch words (a lot)
  13. love it. as above, just as I imagined...