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  1. Dano33

    3/22 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 2 (OT)

    I think it was during a shootout. Turco threw his stick during Zetterberg's attempt. Initially it was ruled accidental and no goal, but then the refs decided the stick throwing was intentional and gave Hank the goal to tie it up. I think the Wings ended up losing anyway.
  2. Dano33

    Sounds like the New York "Islanders" are no more...

    I'm surprised they wanted to move to the Barclays Center. That place definitely wasn't built for hockey. It will already be the smallest capacity in the league and there will be more than just a handful of obstructed view seats... http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/09/29/schwartz-the-good-bad-and-obstructed-of-islanders-hockey-at-barclays/
  3. Dano33

    How Do You Like Your Equipment?

    I worked at Metro Sports from 03-08. Probably have seen some of you guys around. I was never too picky about equipment except for sticks. If a customer was looking for a nice stick and asked my recommendation I would always try to steer them towards a Bauer one piece with the heel curve/open face (I think it was the P91A - Kovalchuk curve then, they may have changed that now). It's always been my favorite curve and I've personally had better luck with durability in Bauer sticks compared to Easton, Warrior, etc. A lot of people didn't seem to interested in the heel curve/open face though, maybe a little too extreme for what they're used to. I think you see it a lot in the NHL. Zetterberg and Franzen use very similar curves to that, as well as many others throughout the league.
  4. Dano33

    SC winners and the draft.

    Yeah, I really don't think this data is significant what-so-ever. Go back and check how many top 10 picks the worst team in the league had each year, I bet you find similar results.
  5. Dano33

    October Schedule Wallpaper Now Available!

    This is my situation as well. In fact, my laptop at home is 4:3 also. It's rather old, but still works great.
  6. Dano33

    LGW Contest!

    Paul Coffey - 77
  7. Dano33

    LGW Playoff Picks Game: Round 3

    PHX/LAK: 4-3 NYR/NJD: 4-3
  8. Dano33

    2012 LGW Playoff Picks Game: Round 2

    STL/LAK: 4-2 PHX/NSH: 4-3 NYR/WSH: 4-1 PHI/NJD: 4-3
  9. Dano33

    Only hypothetical, Quick/Rinne

    I love Rinne's aggressiveness. He's in the #2 spot among goalies for me, just in front of Quick and just behind Lundqvist.
  10. Dano33

    2011-12 Wings Eulogy

    This is my favorite sentence.
  11. Dano33

    Retribution for clean hits...

    Bieksa had a pretty nice hit on Brown not to long after the altercation, and that's all that should happen. It should be, if you hit our guy hard, we're going to hit you hard. Not, if you hit our guy hard, we're going to try to punch your face in.
  12. Dano33

    2012 LGW Playoff Picks Game: Round 1

    VAN/LAK: 4-3 STL/SJS: 4-1 PHX/CHI: 4-3 NSH/DET: 4-2 NYR/OTT: 4-2 BOS/WSH: 4-0 FLA/NJD: 4-1 PIT/PHI: 4-3 WC Champion: Detroit Red Wings EC Champion: Boston Bruins SCF Champion: Detroit Red Wings
  13. Dano33

    Ramage hit on Oliver

    No. This hit should be an example of what is acceptable. It absolutely was not blindside. Ramage came from the opposing players left side and hit him in the right shoulder. Sure, the guy was in a vulnerable position, but that's on him and his teammate who lead him there with that pass. Rampage just took advantage. And it's not just jumping on an opportunity to crush a guy, it's sending a message saying don't go across the middle of the ice. Maybe next time the guy gives up on the play. That's when the turnovers and scoring chances occur.