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  1. Wow. It just keeps getting worse. This was a joke. That's video game stuff in that third period. Piles of trash lit on fire. I'm sad.
  2. 11/24 GDT - Red Wings @ Rangers - 7:00 PM EST

    Piece of cake...
  3. 11/24 GDT - Red Wings @ Rangers - 7:00 PM EST

    Please score more though. I don't trust these leads in the third.
  4. 11/19 GDT - Avalanche at Red Wings - 6:00 PM EST

    What a friggin debacle. Wow..
  5. Ok. So a big third period is coming up for our boys. Right? 3 straight goals and we win. Right?
  6. 10/26 GDT - Red Wings at Lightning - 7:30 PM EST

    Relax everyone. Blashill's got this.
  7. 10/20 GDT - Red Wings vs Capitals - 7:30 PM EST

    Mrazek isn't good at all, defense sucks. Goodnight.
  8. Same old crap as last year. Can you maybe just stress the importance of a lead going into the third?? This happens like every time..
  9. Sad but we have a hell of a lot to be proud of. Amazing franchise. Let's hope we turn things around next year. Great year for Zetts!!
  10. Well we knew there was gonna be a fire sale. Hope some of these moves can help turn the franchise around eventually.
  11. 2/3 GDT - Red Wings vs New York Islanders - 7:30 PM EST

    Danny D the scoring machine comes through again! Lol
  12. 2/3 GDT - Red Wings vs New York Islanders - 7:30 PM EST

    Big Luke with that whopping 2 goals. Isles don't even look good. But apparently you don't have to really be that good to score on our Wings.
  13. 01/31 GDT : New Jersey Devils vs Red Wings : 7:30 PM ET

    This is the worst game I've ever watched and there's been quite a few this year but this is disgraceful. I would fire Blashill before this game ended. This Devils team is not good and they are blowing us out.
  14. 01/31 GDT : New Jersey Devils vs Red Wings : 7:30 PM ET

    Is it humanly possible for this coach to adapt and make changes that are needed in a game? How can the power play be this awful??
  15. Rank the top five worst players on this team

    1. Ericsson 2. Sheahan 3. Mrazek 4. Jurco 5. Dekeyser This year these are my fab five. Honorable mentions: Abdelkader(game changing idiotic penalties), Kronwall(no more hitting equals no more good defenseman), Mike Green(thank God he can score because his defense makes me constipated), Ott is truly not good at anything hockey related, Tatar and Nyquist are the biggest pansies ever to wear the jersey...