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If anyone out there wants to be kind to a Calgary Flames fan (yes, a devoted Flames fan) and a good friend of mine, please follow this link and vote up his band. This Calgary radio station is running a contest and his band can win 25k if they get selected. Just follow the link below.


Click the drop down menu in the middle of the screen that says "X on Demand" and click on "Get Xposed!" and give a thumbs up to "Windigo - Oh, I feel it" from the list below. Any help would be appreciated.

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Anyone here know how DaKineMaui is doing? Not seen or heard from him in forever, very cool guy. In a matter of fact there's a lot of people from back in the day who never comes on here any more.

Wonder what happened to everyone from the 07/08 time's.

I took a lengthy hiatus... I'm back now and wondering the same thing.

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