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Patrick Eaves Watch Thread.

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Pleased that Eaves looks to be staying. I think he could be better with more opportunity, too.


Agreed, I would love to see him get a serious look on the PP, setting up at the top of the circle for one timers a la Stamkos (obviously I'm not comparing the two, just using as an example in that vein of usage)

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I am SOOO glad this is settled

:yowza: for three more years at least!


More Patrick Eaves celebration face!

:yowza: :yowza: :yowza:

This has definitely been another successful reclamation project for the wings. This thread has been going on for two years with nothing but good reviews of Eaves play. Here's to three more years of me posting his stats and talking about how awesome he is. :beerbuddy:

Also, updated for his final season statistics.

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