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MLB 2010 Season Thread

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Well Tiger fans, this is it. Jim Leyland has announced his opening day lineup! And to face Zack Greinke:

1. CF Austin Jackson

2. LF Johnny Damon

3. RF Magglio Ordonez

4. 1B Miguel Cabrera

5. DH Carlos Guillen

6. 3B Brandon Inge

7. C Gerald Laird

8. 2B Scott Seizemore

9. SS Adam Everett

P Justin Verlander

Not too shabby of an opening day lineup! Really getting excited to see what this mix of vets and youngsters can do.


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I like the top of the order much more than last season in terms of speed. The bottom of the order is a disaster on paper. Defense and pitching are going to have to carry the Tigers again for any chance at the playoffs.

I think Maggs is going to have a GREAT season with all of the off-field distractions in his life thankfully cleared up. The key to the Tigers success though is Miguel Cabrera, which means Carlos Guillen has to be a legitimate threat batting fifth. Cabrera can flat-out rake but he needs some support behind him or teams will just pitch around him.

One week from today is Opening Day! One of the best days of the year!

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Well, bye bye "Gum Time" Tigers trade away Nate "Gum Time" Robertson to the Marlins for a minor leaguer and cash considerations. Nate is contracted to receive $10 million this year, so that is a huge weight out of Ilitch's pocket. That leaves Bonderman and Willis to take the last 2 starting spots.

1. Verlander

2. Scherzer

3. Porcello

4. Willis

5. Bonderman


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Shawn Marcum pitched a no hitter through 6.1 and then lost it on blooper to right of Vladdy. Disappointing. He was owning the Rangers line-up.

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well, I guess the tigers just bide their time and shuffle past the starter and then tear a new ******* in the relief? 3 games and 3 blown saves by the royals...

:D No kidding, huh? The Royals bullpen truly is brutal though outside of Soria. I'm really happy for Dontrelle Willis after today's game. It sucks the dude has produced one win in a Tigers uniform, but you can't help rooting for him after everything he has been through on and off the field. That was the best Willis pitched with the Tigers: way better control except for early on and I loved the emotion he showed and his attitude in general from spring training to this point. Hopefully that first start was a confidence builder for him and he can be a reliable pitcher at the back-end of the Tigers rotation.

Jumping off topic slightly, but Miguel Cabrera is a really really good hitter. Two huge clutch home runs to the opposite field both with two strikes in the count. One saved the Tigers (temporarily), the other won it. Maggs looks terrific too so far.

Home opener at CoPa in about 12 hours! I'm stoked already!

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This thread just died as soon as the playoffs started. :lol: Tigers are in the middle of a brutal stretch here: 37 games in 38 days with two West Coast trips and a host of games against teams we don't historically do well against (Angles twice, Twins twice, Yankees, and Bosox). So far so good--they've managed a split in Anaheim and took 2 of 3 from the Twins. If they can make it to May 24th in decent shape they'll be primed for a run.

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