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Penguins on Versus..

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#21 Drake_Marcus



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Posted 31 March 2010 - 11:16 PM

I wish they carried more games on VS personally.

Hockey is hockey.

Especially when I get to watch an incredible player like Stamkos.

I'm liking the new and improved Carman. :thumbup:

I opened a Stamkos rookie jersey card last year so I'm all about people furthering his appreciation around the league. That card would be worth hundreds of dollars as a C-diggity-fresh card so please keep pumping the price up for me*. :cool:

* yes, I assume that Carman is responsible for fluctuations in the hockey card market.
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#22 toby91_ca



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Posted 01 April 2010 - 09:02 AM

Every time NBC or Versus shows a Pens game, there seems to be an outcry from this board, it's getting extremely stupid and ignorant of facts to be honest. Firstly, yet, Versus shows more Pens games than any other team, but why wouldn't they? The Pens just won the cup and they bring ratings. HOWEVER, it's not like they show that many more games than other teams, here is their schedule (just isolating on the top teams, not the entire league):

PIT - 11
CHI - 10
DET - 9
WSH - 9
NYR - 9
BOS - 8
BUF - 8
PHI - 8
MIN - 8

I don't see a whole heck of a lot to complain about regarding that schedule. Some people need to get away from the blind hatred towards the Pens and get more facts.

Regarding NBC, here's their schedule:

DET - 4
CHI - 3
WSH - 3
PIT - 3
PHI - 3
BOS - 3
NYR - 1

Hmmmm, should we start discussing how NBC is obviously pro Wings and how it is stupid that they always need to show Wings games? Of course not.

#23 Opie



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Posted 01 April 2010 - 09:14 AM

Wait isn't one of the biggest hits on Bettman getting Hockey on national TV, now we are going to complain about what teams they choose?
In case you forgot that is the Defending Champs, and in my opinion defending champs should always be on national TV more than any others.

This is another example of this boards new infatuation with just being pissed off, pissed off it is not the wings, pissed off it is Crosby or the Pens, pissed off if some one says Chicago is better, pissed off when Z is not mentioned for Calder, pissed off all of the time for no reason.

I have an idea, just watch the friggin game, you may find out you enjoy it.

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#24 henrik40


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Posted 01 April 2010 - 11:59 AM

When I saw that was the game they decided to show, I was kind of pissed, mostly because it was Tampa Bay. Then I realized I've never really seen Stamkos play. It was kind of refreshing to see a team getting tv time that you normally don't see.

#25 edicius


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Posted 01 April 2010 - 12:05 PM

Penguins belong on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic. More hockey, less nature shows on Versus.


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