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WCSF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

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Which adds to the problem of NHL officiating. There should not be "make up calls" a penalty should be a penalty no matter what. Rules in sports should be black and white for the most part.

I honestly dont think 90% of the players and 75% of the refs in the nhl even know what a penalty is.

I agree with you 110%. What is the benefit of being a disciplined team anymore? You get 1 less Penalty a game? Whoopdee do. The refs try to even it out, which is ridiculous. If you're playing very disciplined, you'll get called for weak ass incidents if you have had more power plays than the other team. I can't stand this.

Call it objectively. If one team is committing 10 penalties, call 10 penalties. Don't call 10 on that team, then feel the need to call 8 or 9 on the well disciplined team. My god...

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Guest Howard He Do It?!

Sorry, but you have to stop that Jimmy. Weak goal.

Edited by Howard He Do It?!

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