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  1. Chris Johnston @reporterchrisBelieve Tomas Tatar is heading to Vegas, pending trade call.Aaron Ward @NHL_AaronWardDetroit Red Wings trade Tomas Tatar to the Las Vegas Golden Knights hearing in exchange for picks, trade call pending . #TFP
  2. 2/11 GDT Red Wings at Capitals 3:00 PM EST

    More like CRAPitals amirite?
  3. 2/3 - Red Wings @ Florida Panthers GDT 7:00 EST

    Could just sense that one coming, iffy as it was.
  4. Yep, after those Bert gaffes, that was a lock to happen.
  5. 11/25 GDT - Devils @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM EST

    Sigh. Good to get the point I guess but wasting this homestand hard.
  6. Having been at that debacle against them last week, couldn't ask for better revenge game. Well done gents, and great to see the kids producing yet again.
  7. Off-season moves

    Uh oh Hawks?
  8. Off-season moves

    Ok then. Apparently Toews and Kane loved Saad so much they wanted him back.
  9. 2017 WCQF: Calgary Flames vs. Anaheim Ducks

    Should be quite the chippy series considering how their last game went. Hoping for Flames but it will take stealing one in Anaheim and who knows if they can.
  10. Farewell To Joe Louis Arena

    Made the trek down for game one of the '08 Finals. Incredible atmosphere and pretty much the only time I was in the majority as far as fan support haha. Biggest beer I have ever seen at a game too and it wasn't stupidly expensive. And of course the old school charm of troughs. Beating the Pens 4-0 didn't hurt either. Happy I got to experience it before it closes.
  11. Was there last night. Pretty much the same story as Friday. Awful, awful defense. Was nice to see Larkin have a good game. Rogers Place I would give mixed reviews to but still a very nice building.