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WCSF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

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The reffing in this game borders either on abject stupidity or criminal negligence. Or both. I have watched hockey for 12 years and this is the worst-reffed game I've ever witnessed. Non-calls on the Sharks for head-hitting, for interference, for goalie interference, for hooking,and for DIVING. Calls made on Abdelkader, Bertuzzi and others that were absolutely not penalties. Five-on-threes handed to the Sharks. OH? They score? Wow. Go figure. And the Wings begin not to take chances because they figure they'll be called. Again.

And their fans stand there and applaud as if they've earned where they are in this game. It is a travesty. I do not nor will I ever care again what happens to the Sharks and their fans. And whoa and wow. They've had two bad calls all night. One on Marleau and the goalie interference call that just happened on Heatley. Choke on it, Sharks' fans.

Meanwhile, who do I go to to complain or question? There is nowhere. Nobody who will listen. No one really gives a s***. The NHL/and/or Bettman are obviously infallible. And they obviously don't care how bad they look after a game like this or how it affects their audience numbers. There is no recourse, there will be no consequences or action taken against this farce.

I sent an email to NHL.com, but that will go nowhere.

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Brad Stuart makes his own luck lol.

Seriously though, I was driving during most of the game and listening to the radio feed and I could not believe the number of penalties that the Wings were racking up. I was wondering if the Wings were playing especially tough tonight or if it was just "one of those games," but the consensus in this thread seems to confirm my suspicions.

We can only pray to the hockey gods for a lucky bounce here or just have faith in the power of the Joe.

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