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how not to play a 2-on-1

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My thoughts exactly. Thank God this game wasn't on NBC or we'd be hearing about Rafalski's nonactive stick for 20 minutes.

Yep - Pierre's an expert on nonactive sticks.

Thanks, good stuff. I'm still somewhat of a noob to hockey (ok, I'm a big fat noob), so having stuff explained step-by-step like this really helps me understand the game better.

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Pretty amusing.

I was at the game, but I didn't get a great view because all the people in front of me stood up. Didn't realize how poorly Rafi played that pass.

Now after watching the replay a few times, I don't think one Wing on the ice actually did the right thing.

Rafi's poor coverage

Willy's errant shot (looks like it might have been tipped, but still)

Ericsson joining the rush for no good reason, at the end of a shift no less

Abby watching Ericsson take his position, but not falling back to cover

Flip watching Abby and E fight over the center spot, and not hanging back himself, then reacting slowly when the puck came out

Even Jimmy was a little over-aggressive coming out of the crease (though it probably wouldn't have mattered)

Pretty bad all around.

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Raffi's stick could have been positioned better. To be fair, it can be argued that Rafalski thought Thornton was going to try to hit Marleau down low and was trying to block that lane while the trailers caught up.

Had Howard not set up a lawn chair outside the crease, he'd have probably stopped the shot.

Although some blame falls on Raffi, it's mainly on Howard.

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