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Oh wow, I never though of that! Larionov would make a great assistant. Is he still locked up in Russia?

Larionov was the GM/CEO of SKA St. Petersburgin 2008-2009 and did not like KHL much; lately he declined to be the GM of Russian National Olympic team because he believed he had to have the right to select players and coaches (isn't that what GMs do normally?). He seems to be in North America (like Detroit?), where his kids are. The man was the smartest player (maybe after Gretz) and an architect of puck possession style, why not use him?

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I have done the research and have concluded that with both the young and expierenced players that the Red Wings have, we can create another Russian Five. Based on what teams need with what the Wings have and player asking salaries, the wings can acquire the following players(to line-up with Pavel Datsyuk) without breaking the salary cap:

Alexander Frolov

Sergei Gonchar

Nikolai Zherdev

Anton Volchenkov

Nevermind, didn't notice the date. Hate resurrected threads.

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