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9/26 Pre-season GDT: New York Rangers at Red Wings

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Guest mindfly

Do hudler "cluck" howard or only osgood?

Rafalski 1+3 (really 2+3 because homer didnt interfere at all with the goalie)

Olympic rafalski :D

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It's insane right now. Last season you'd see opponents not only in the crease but practically sitting on the goalie and their goals would count. This time, Homer's blade tips were in the crease NO WHERE NEAR the goalie. They've got to get that figured out or they're gonna lose any credibility they had left. Anybody just getting into watching hockey will not believe the stupid, inconsistent s*** that goes on out there with the calls.

I'm trying to get my girl into hockey, but its very difficult because of all the stupid officiated, especially last year. With all the inconsistent officiating, and my ranting about it, she wonders why we all still watch the game... terrible.

Also, please no Bernstein ads on the glass this year.

No Call Sam Studio either.... :thumbs-up:

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