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10/21 GDT: Flames 2 at Red Wings 4

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Is Dallas the real deal? Been pretty crazy how well they've done thus far.

Well they don't have Turco anymore so they actually scare me a little. Could be a team that flies under the radar and ends up making a lot of noise.

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You'd move Filppula down? I'd rather move Hudler up to the 2nd line, and Franzen up to the 1st line. Homer can be put on the 4th line, and Miller on the 3rd.

I wouldnt do anything yet really. I was trying more to stir the pot with an old friend. The reason I didn't bother moving Franzen was because i think he's the one guy on this team right now who's going to make plays and score goals no matter what line he's on. I don't differentiate really between the first and second line either when Z and D are split. 1a/1b.

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The JLA sounds like this game is being played at an indoor swimming pool.

Just a bunch of echoes.

No kidding, what a boring game! This team need to step in to some NHL quality shots... not just perimeter crap toward the net. Same thing every year though

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