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WCQF Game 1 GDT: Coyotes 2 at Red Wings 4

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Happy Birthday! It's my brothers birthday as well :siren:

Hey thanks, and congrats to him :beerbuddy:

4 - 1 is my prediction.

1-0 Helm

1-1 duh..

2-1 Homer

3-1 Cleary

4-1 Cleary


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I am fired up! Jersey is on, lucky playoff lava lamp is properly positioned near the tv and firing on all cylinders, kids both have jerseys, and son is hoping to wear out the batteries on his goal helmet. Let's do this!

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Guest blueadams

Here they are:





Modano (scratched)




Kindl (scratched)




Let's see:

...#1) Ericsson and Rafalski together on the second pairing!? Really Mike!? Putting our worst two defensive defensemen together as the second pairing. Ridiculous IMO.

...#2) That second line is god-awful. Abby, Bert and Cleary. As our second scoring line!? Give me a f-ing break. Not one of those guys can even handle the puck. We've got Flip as our third line center behind Abby, really!? Un-real.

...#3) Miller - and even more appalling, Draper - both dressing over Modano, with Hank out!? What a joke. That third line's going to be completely worthless btw. Flip and Huds haven't been able to get it going together all season. Miller's the guy that's gonna make it work now!? Sure.

Babs might have finally lost it. I'm predicting a decisive defeat.

I would've rolled:

1) Hudler-Datsyuk-Holmstrom - Hudler's been worthless without Pav, and incredible with him, so that seemed like sort of a no-brainer to me. Cleary's spent the most time in front for these two, but because he has so much more value than Homer on a checking line, I'd make the switch.

2) Franzen-Filppula-Bertuzzi - This is, cleary (to me, at least), the second best line that we could put out there given the circumstances (hank's absence and hudler's worthlessness without pav).

3) Cleary-Helm-Eaves - This would've been a studly defensive-checking line with a little bit of scoring potential.

4) Abdelkader, Modano, Miller/Draper - I would've used these three together very, very sparingly (if at all). I probably would've just rolled three lines, used these guys on special teams, and swapped them in for others from time to time.

1) Lidstrom-Rafalski - For whatever reason, the Lids-Stuie experiment has been a failure all season. Time to go back to what, at least kind-of, works.

2) Kronwall-Stuart - Same(^)

3) Ericsson-Salei - I would've used this pairing very, very sparingly (if at all). I probably would've just subbed them in for the others for about 10 minutes each.

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Wooo Playoffs time starts!!! Now it's time for the Wings to step it up big time. I'm sure they all know how it screwed em over playing the Yotes up to game 7. Let's hope that we'll be seeing a different outcome this year and a much hungrier Red Wings team! Here's to all our top guns and young guns all stepping it up!

Red Wings 4 (Datsyuk, Franzen, Lidstrom, Helm)

Coyotes 2


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