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Octopus's Garden

400 Posts for a Sharks Win in Game 4

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I get that you're joking around with the thread title, and I'm not trying to be an ass but this thread is not at all humorous.

The Sharks haven't done s*** in this series, theyve gotten some very nice calls to help them - calls at very opportune times (because the amount of times shorthanded for each team isn't always indicative) and after last nights pathetic final, again this thread doesn't feel anything but wrong!! smfh

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After this post I think I have a not so secret crush on 55fan...

There was something when we played the ducks and someone from their team touched the octopus. Someone stated that in order to reverse the curse they had to poop duck eggs and recite something that involved the line "octocurse reverse".

It was hilarious. I can't take credit for it, but it was funny, especially at the time. I believe it was Pronger who was suppose to do the egg laying.

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