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Judge rejects NHL deal with Molson-Coors:

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From Toronto Star :

An Ontario judge has tossed out the National Hockey League’s “monster” $375-million North American sponsorship deal with Molson-Coors, saying the league already had a Canadian agreement with the company’s archrival Labatt.

The decision Friday by Ontario Superior Court Justice Frank Newbould to toss out the biggest sponsorship deal in NHL history comes as the league is in the midst of the Stanley Cup final between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins.

The judge said that Molson-Coors suspected that the league had already reached a deal with Labatt when it decided to negotiate its own agreement. Molson-Coors and the NHL reached a seven-year deal for North American sponsorship rights in February. The judge ruled the NHL had already agreed in November to have Labatt as Canadian sponsor.


This was Labatt's belief from the start. Ouch.

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Since when can you only have a sponsor from one brand per industry?

Marketing bro, marketing.

There are many levels of different types of sponsorships. From what the article said, Labatt had the exclusive rights of beer for Canada. Since Labatt paid heavily for those exclusive rights, the NHL cannot have any more Canadian beer sponsers.

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Guest CaliWingsNut

Fixed it for you.

IMHO, Miller is garbage.

bleh... They are both garbage beers. Give me something without corn (or rice), unless it's distilled.

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Guest Shoreline

^- I can't wait for that sponsorship. :D

Correct. (And "Boooooo!"... Labatt > Molson)

Vitamin pee, the both of 'em. No idea why people buy stuff like Bud, Corona, Labatt, Molson, and Coors. I can't even make myself like them.

I reply to this because the topic itself is rather confusing to me. I guess if the league signed one deal for exclusive sponsorship it obviously wouldn't be legal to do another, hence lawsuit.

Edited by Shoreline

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