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  1. Hronek was a joy to watch here in Saginaw this season!
  2. Looks good! Good job. Although I do miss the sports links that used to be at the top.
  3. http://www.mlive.com/sports/2016/08/chris_osgood_joins_jimmy_devel.html Things looking up here for the Saginaw Spirit (OHL) with the additions to the ownership group! We already had great ownership, this just makes it so much better with actual "hockey people" on board!
  4. David Legwand Jakub Kindl Fabian Brunnstrom Wendell Clark Yan Golubovsky Yuri Butsayev Jessie Wallin Jason Williams
  5. So they just signed Eddie Pasquale as well... so is it Coreau & Paterson in GR & Pasquale in Toledo, or Coreau & Pasquale in Grand Rapids & Paterson in Toledo? I thought I saw that they had no intention of bringing back McCollum. Fun tidbit, both Pasquale & Paterson are former studs from the Saginaw Spirit (OHL).
  6. trade

    As far as the people wondering if he will be back in the OHL this coming season, no, this past season was his overage year. He goes pro this coming year, be it in Grand Rapids or Toledo. I'd think it would be Grand Rapids from everything I have read.
  7. trade

    I watched him his entire OHL career here in Saginaw (until he was traded half way through the season last year, which is typical in the OHL), and Wings fans should be excited. I'd argue he's a little tougher version of Abdelkader with a better scoring touch. He was always the first one to jump in & defend his teammates. Was a good captain here. Great pick-up!
  8. They are using more than one password - sorry! I had a different one. I did end up getting 2 tickets at $53 each (plus a million bucks in fees & my first born male child), so all is good in my world. I just had to keep trying & waiting for someone who was looking at the tickets to release them. I panicked for nothing.
  9. I had the REAL presale password & 5 minutes after tickets went on sale NOTHING available??? Come on now... EDIT: Let me say that by "nothing" I mean nothing under $75.
  10. And they can always call Mantha back up at any time if they need/want to. He's not far away.
  11. Shouldn't you have to actually BE IN THE NHL to get voted in? I understand that he was playing in Arizona when voting started, and is now back up with Arizona, but he wasn't even playing in the NHL when he got a lot of those votes, he was in the AHL. Time to take this out of the fans hands & let the coaches or even the players decide.
  12. 1 year at $1.5 million, not a bad deal for L.A.
  13. Signed

    We definitely all do miss CapGeek, but most NHL.com articles I see have them referring to www.war-on-ice.com for their contract numbers. Just putting that out there.
  14. After seeing the GDT, I am going to go hook up my Sega Genesis to the big screen... I'll let you know how that goes.
  15. Those obstructed view seats (where you can't see the goal in one end) reminds me of the original building the Coyotes played in! LOL!