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10/7 GDT:Senators 3 at Red Wings 5

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Even though I paid for CI this year, it usually ticks at the bottom if it's a free CI preview week, and it's not.

My parents have dish and they ARE getting the free week right now. So Time Warner is at least not doing it.

I was going to say yet another reason that Time Warner sucks but I read farther down and some people do have it. So I guess that means Time Warner sucks in your area!

I have it here on Time Warner.

Thanks :)

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Anyone else think that Bertuzii loves playing with Helm and Abby?

Nice to see the Wings setting the tone early, not just for the game but for the season. A win on Opening Night is a great thing.

It's great to see them playing a full 60 minutes. We didn't see that too often last season.

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