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10/15 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Wild 2 (OT)

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Datsyuk loses it in the corner, a seeing eye pass out to the point. Then looked like Howard never saw the shot.

Do they ever track stats on giving up goals at the end of periods? I'd be curious to see where the Red Wings stood.

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At least on a positive note, we looked good for the majority of the period. bad news is that our PP is still craptastic and we gave up a final minute goal as we did much of last season.

I wonder if Matt Cullen is ever stalked in Minnesota by demented Twilight fans.


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Do they have strippers or prostitutes in the locker room at each intermission?

I just think that would be a logical reason why they quit at the end of most periods.

Hudler would just own them all.

He tried to get cute in his own end and it led to a Wild goal.

Gotta say, I can't stand Wild games. They are the most boring and unfulfilling games in the National Hockey League.

Used to have some saving grace when Boogaard played there.

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