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Ovechkin spears Chris Neil

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Shanny looked at the play and determined that there would be no suspension. As a ref, I think this is borderline worth a game or two, but I can also side with Shanny's decision.

Because there was no call on the play and it was clearly a spear, at the very least an attempted one, he should've been fined something to re-up his repeat offender status.

it's too bad Ovie is a tool now

Agreed. The guy throws big and sometimes borderline hits, but he apparently can't take what he dishes out.

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Both should have gotten 2 mins imo.

You can see Neil looking for the ref the second it happens. So his immideate reaction is not '**** that hurts!' but rather 'ref?! are you looking??'.

And no way that's accidental by Ovie :lol:

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