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WCQF Game 5 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Predators 2

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Cant see a RW goal coming...

First team to be eliminated.... Those damn penguins couldnt even do that favor for us!!

Cool! That means we'll get the 15th overall pick?

....oh wait, Tampa will. We got Quincey.

I read all this stuff today and think back to when I said exactly the same thing about certain players and Holland. I know at the time, it may have seemed like I was just over-reacting. But I think it is painfully obvious right now, that even though at the time they were 1st overall, I was on the right track. Now, lets see if Holland can live up to his "Best GM" moniker and actually turn this team back in to a contender over the summer...

I have no faith in him and I think he has turned this team into a place where UFA's do not want to come. Holland refuses to pay top dollar for top talent. Hey Ken, players no longer feel it a privilege to play in Detroit just because. The days of taking less to be a Red Wing is over...maybe Wisniewski was speaking more truth than we first thought when he spouted off...

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Babcock needs to go to. He's got a gem in Nyquist and barely plays him. he constantly makes chances and plays with plugs. Brendan Smith's offensive and grittiness could have made a big difference in a series where the Wings D has been pathetic.

If you're looking at who's responsible for this pathetic s***show, and your choice is Babcock, you're doing it wrong. Babs can only play who he's got. He doesn't have a lot of really good choices.

We suck, alright? We were going to suck whether Babcock played Nyquist or NyQuil, and that's that. This team is deeply, deeply flawed, far beyond anything that has to do with Mike Babcock's at times puzzling lineup choices. He's one of the best coaches in the league, and we should be lucky we have him.

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