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Top 25 uniforms in U.S. professional sports

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I liked their "I Know What You Did Last Summer" logo better.

No way, it was the guy on the boxes of fishsticks


And the Blackhawks should totally be on the list. They definitely have the dirtiest sweaters in the league. MY only compaint about our unis are the red sleeves on the away sweaters.

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Little off topic...I hope if there's a season - the Leafs wear this for the Winter Classic...


The Wings have absolutely the best looking uniform, hands down. That's why I fell in love with them as a kid.

Damn straight!

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Really surprised to not see the 'hawks on there. They usually get close to the top spot on these lists.

I believe the author of the article hosted an online chat shortly after the list was completed and the comments came from a lot of people asking why the Hawks were lower than normal and he expressed his opinion about them and that the color inside the feathers as well as the detailed stitching was overshadowed by the main red in the home jersey. I would try to find the exact quote, but he did mention that the white one is top notch.

Also, the chat expressed that the opinions and rankings were done soley by him without any outside help (if that means anything).

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