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Where would you go?

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Guest The Axe

I can see both alternatives...wanting to stay close to family, and yet expanding your horizons by going to a different place.

I kinda envy Drew Miller playing in Scotland...I've always wanted to go there, it's a beautiful country, English speaking (if you can get past the brogue), great pubs, wonderful music, history up the ying yang...what more could you ask for?


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New Zealand.

they have an ice hockey league.

stay in shape,be a star, help grow the popularity, make a little side cash, spend some time in a beautiful country, and continue to speak engrish.

take the family on a year vacation!

now...all i need is the hockey skills to do so.

aw hell...train and play with the lacrosse and rugby teams too.

Unfortunately, the league in New Zealand (and Australia's league as well) are in the off-season now, it's almost summer there. That would be an awesome experience though!!

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I'd play in the Greek Ice Hockey Championship. It would be more for the vacation than actually growing as a player. Honestly, I'm probably good enough to play for one of the clubs as it is. In Greece the quality of hockey is so bad that the national team is in the same division as Mongolia, N. Korea, and the UAE.

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