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1/25 GDT : Wild 3 at Red Wings 5

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5-2? Is this real life?

Come on dude....it's the Wild. Look at their Capgeek and you'll see why they have no depth. Gilbert for $4mil, Granlund inks a $3.25mil or something deal before he even plays an NHL game. 5 others over $6 mil and 3 of those are over $7 mil. Depth also costs money.

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I love, how often Brunner puts the puck on, or at the net. No cutesy crap from him if its not there, he just puts it on net.

That's why i was so excited for him to come to the Wings. Watching him play and the videos, he's a pure shooter. If he gets good enough at D then he could be a lot like Hossa. Either way, he's exactly what the Wings needed. Once Pulkkinen is here the Wings will be a 50 shot per game team again.

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