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3/15 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Oilers 2 (OT)

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Expectations? This city has unrealistic expectations of this team and this season is proving it. We cannot be a cup contender forever with teams like Edmonton getting a top 5 pick for several years in a row. We've remained highly competitive for years, despite not being able to draft in the top of the class but one sub-par season and everyone is jumping at everyone's throats. Our exits in the playoffs the last few years haven't been that great but again, we've stayed in the hunt.

Yup, the cup or bust expectations are unrealistic. Look at the standings. Look at the parity. Any team can win on any given night.

The Wings have had an unprecedented 20+ years of playoff contention. Look at the last few cup winners since the Wings won and you will see that none of them have had even as close of a run as the Wings have had. The Pens sucked and had to rebuild through the draft. The Hawks sucked and did the same thing. Same with Boston and LA. The teams that draft smart and get great players through the draft are going to have an edge. The Wings haven't had a lot of high picks and have gotten fortunate drafting great players in the later part of the draft.

Realistically, I was expecting the Wings to make the playoffs and then hopefully anything could happen. The Wings were not one of the "contenders" for the cup this year.

Fans would be wise to realize that the Wings aren't going to be contenders this year and may not be contenders again until they have a couple down seasons and pick high in the draft.

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