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3/15 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Oilers 2 (OT)

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I think Datsyuk is really missing Bert. I can imagine them two being the weird combination of friendship within the locker room. Bert being all stern but his joke side, pasha with his quiet but joke side. Bert mimic's his shootouts and tries to one up it. Playing on the same line, produced together, several celebration hugs . The loveship between them is gone! Pasha misses his Bert!

I think this is a good point. People here flame Bert like crazy. But he's a good possesional/puck handler/playmaker. Pavs+Bert combo brings the best out of both players. I think losing Bert has been a pretty sizeable loss for the team.

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our first road pp goal is.......drumroll.......an own goal!

Negative. We scored a power play goal in Calgary on Wednesday.

Wheres that Howard= Average thread

Hell, you can see some of those posters in this thread. May as well discuss that here.

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