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Mike Babcock Line swapping.. Too much?

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My whole point in making this post, ladies? and gentleman, is that Mr. Babcock has not realized that his swapping has done absolutely nothing for him. Had he kept the lines the way they were, we could have ATLEAST had lines with better chemistry after 45 games are done. If Z and Brunner had kept playing, they could have had an amazing chemistry by now. If Dats and Franzen were kept together, they could have had a good chemistry by now. But none of that happened cuz he changes the lines up every damn game. I don't know why he doesn't just realize that swapping is not better than just sticking to it.

Tell me what the hell was the point of Zetterberg going to swiss and playing with brunner on EV Zug if babcock was just going to split them up? Nothing. If anything, we have now a Zetterberg whose running on fumes due to an extended season. While most players got a rest during the fall, Z was playing overseas, and now he's pretty much out of gas.

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