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Tomas Hertl

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Anyway... about Adam's comments about Hertl...

The shot itself was crazy-good. I have no problem with that. He is right that if you do something that amazing when the score is that lopsided, and then celebrate like you scored the GWG with 3.2 left on the clock, people are going to get pissy.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't score fancy goals in lopsided games, but if you're a kid who comes in and does it, you're going to put more than a few people in the mindset of "That kid needs to be knocked down a peg or two". It doesn't matter if that's the right reaction or not; it's the one that is going to happen.

Hertl's a kid. He just did something that few people ever do. Of course he was excited. The question is whether this was the One Hot Game in his life or if it was a harbinger of things to come.

Is he going to be the Next Great One? I doubt it, but stranger things have happened in life. With all of the media attention he's getting now, he's going to need to keep a clear head so that he doesn't either get too big for his britches or get overwhelmed by it.

As far as celebrating goes, hockey players already celebrate- there are big, smelly group hugs and the Line-o-fistbumps. Sure a guy may get excited and jump in the air or crash the boards. There's nothing wrong with that. Just spare me from the NFL guys doing whatever it is that looks like drunken birds with lordosis trying to cross a busy highway.

For those reasons, I agree with Oates that McClellan did the right thing in reining him in after the 4th goal.

I do not recall anything special about his celebration. Given that he scored 4 goals in one game it was rather tame.

And Oates got OV on his team who likes to jump into the glass after his goals.

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You know what I really like about the guy? He goes to the net.

Look at his goals - all are scored from the crease area (except for maybe one? Can't quite remember.)

Of course, it helps that he's big. But still.

Yeah, I wish we had more big bodies who would Hertl themselves towards the net.

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Is he "The Career Killer"?; from Sportsnet:

The New York Rangers assigned backup goalie Martin Biron and forward Arron Asham to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League after the two veterans cleared waivers Tuesday.

Biron has made just eight total appearances for the Rangers over the last two seasons. In two appearances this season, the Lac-Saint-Charles, Que., native is 0-1-0 with a 7.61 goals against average and a .763 save percentage.

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Don Cherry has a lot of knowledge, but he's also an out-dated rent-a-quote arse, who only likes good ol' Canadian boys. On the broader issue, I've always though the 'unwritten NHL code' about goal celebrations that seems to have been adopted is a massive load of bulls***, and utterly hypocritical bulls*** at that. I want to see players celebrate. I love hockey, but some of the attitudes that still surround the game in the NHL are small town, parochial and massively outdated - right from the league and owners down.

Also anyone who genuine believes exuberant celebrations by a kid who's just got his 4th of the game in his first few games with an absolute beauty is worse than some of the dirty hits that Don Cherry loves needs their ******* head examined.

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