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Gustav Nyquist Appreciation Thread

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@mikemorrealeNHL: Gustav Nyquist will likely become the 13th player 24 or younger to lead DET in goals since 24-year-old Sergei Fedorov scored 56 in 1993-94.


*pokes head out of burrow* did some say humble federov

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Easy there, bud :lol: I don't see Goose potting 56 goals lol. But the future is definitely bright.

Hey! You're messing with my dreams and that's not cool.

But yeah, he doesn't have Feds in his future. As long as he keeps shooting though he'll be just fine; non of that Filppula passive crap.

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Sean McIndoe:

This series would have a lot going for it. It would feature two popular teams that boast plenty of big-name talent. It would be the first playoff matchup for Pittsburgh and Detroit since their back-to-back meetings in the Stanley Cup finals in 2008 and 2009. (Each team won once.) And it would be a divisional crossover series, which would cause maximum confusion among the majority of fans who still have no idea how this new system works.

So could the Red Wings pull off the upset? I think they could. The Penguins are top-heavy with elite talent, but their lack of depth and spotty recent postseason history makes it seem like they’re vulnerable to being knocked off in the early going. A second-round exit seems more likely, but the Wings would have a shot here.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to watch a series that prominently featured the undisputed best player in the entire league? (And when Gustav Nyquist wasn’t on the ice, we could still watch Sidney Crosby.)


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