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Naming the New Arena

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Hot-N'-Ready Arena, haha.

I really wouldn't be surprised at all though if they don't take the corporate sponsor cash and call the arena something Olympia related.

"New Olympia Center" or something classy.

Then of course make back some of that money with tons of advertising inside of the complex and also having corporate sponsors for goal announcements, power plays, etc. Probably ads in front of the urinals too. The abundant supply of urinals we've all been dreaming of.

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Maybe if we all chip in they can call it letsgowings.com arena.

Instead of a statue of Howe or Yzerman they can rotate monthly a statue of which ever Wing we hate at the moment for vandalism purposes. Satisfies a lot of needs for Detroit.


I also really like the Hampus Melon Arena.

Other ideas: Hockeytown House, Howe Pavillion, The Grind Factory (in honour of the grind line of course), Tinky Winky's Playhouse, and of course my favourite, plain old "Arena" where the sign looks like it was written on cardboard with a really big sharpie marker. I still like Joe Louis. Something historic to the city. I hate the names of arenas these days. I get advertisement, but keep it to the boards. Make the name of the arena mean something or it's no better than the cardboard arena sign.

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