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ECQF - Series C - Penguins versus Blue Jackets

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So how many playoff games are they going to let this guy blow before yanking him for good? I mean, seriously, he looked bad and gave up soft goals in '10, he was wildly inconsistent in '11 got bounced in the first round, got annihilated by the Flyers in '12 (I really thought that would be it), was terrible against the Isles last year and did get yanked for Vokoun before the upset could happen. This year he's giving up soft goals and making dumb mistakes. Yet every season, its like a reset and they throw him out there for Game 1 of the first round and say "He hasn't been good for us lately in the playoffs, but he has a Cup." "But he has a Cup", I think, has screwed them out of at least one championship, if not more.

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Fleury has actually been pretty good in the series, except for the last 30 seconds and OT of game 4.

I've only seen the last 10 minutes of this game (4-0 when I started watching, 4-3 now). Can't say I can blame Fleury much on the goals, 2 were deflections and the 3rd was a screen + potential deflection.

Edit..those last 30 seconds and OT of game 4 were about as ugly as it gets though.

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