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1/5 Whatevz GDT - Red Wings @ Blackhawks - 7:30 PM ET (NBCSN)

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5 hours ago, Dabura said:

I was gonna say something along the lines of "You're allowed to win this one, boys. Go nuts," but then I remembered this is an NBC broadcast, so...

On the other hand, the Titans ended the Patriots' season, so anything's possible.

Literally haven't followed the WOKE League all season. Didnt know the Pats were out. You just made my day.

59 minutes ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

Guten Tag, LGRW



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Someone might want to tell Seider that isn’t what they mean by Detroit tanking.

seriously, though, that’s gotta be one of the hardest hits in the tracks since Stevens destroyed Kozlov in the 95 finals.  It’s like Havsplat, the next generation.

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27 minutes ago, puckloo39 said:

it's the mommas... they yelled at the Wings and told them to quit slacking, and that they are pampered and spoiled:



That was great lol

Bowey and Tuzzi's moms are kinda cutie...

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