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#2102500 Nathan Gerbe scores 2 goals in 5 seconds

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 22 January 2011 - 06:29 AM

Another "Made in Michigan" kid, showing up big in the NHL. Good on him, no matter how big he makes Hudler look.

#2100204 Crosby on strike

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 19 January 2011 - 07:07 PM

This forum needs a "Everything Crosby" sub forum on here.

It could be placed between, "Rumor Mill" and "Water Closet".

#2099211 "The Red Wing"

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 18 January 2011 - 03:19 AM

Just like Bettman,...

... It has absolutely nothing to do with hockey.

#2097533 Howard leaves game with bruised knee

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 14 January 2011 - 09:09 PM

I wonder if Daniel Larssen would like to retract a few statements right now.

#2096893 San Jose Sharks

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 14 January 2011 - 04:47 AM

No Blake. No Nabokov. No replacements for them. Add in, that none of their "core" players are in a contract year. Sounds like a recipe for their lack of success to me.

#2092429 Crosby Out with Mild Concussion

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 07 January 2011 - 02:48 PM

It must have happened in the Winter Classic. Because anyone not suffering from a head injury would have went and shook hands with the other team. You know, that tradition crap he's always spewing, yet constantly avoiding.

#2087282 I'm Boycotting the Winter Classic...

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 30 December 2010 - 06:05 AM

Is it too late to make it a water polo match? :cool:

#2085107 So who remembers the 85-86 season?

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 27 December 2010 - 06:36 AM

Yes, I remember..a young kid named Yzerman and a bunch of has beens and goons, including I think a very young pair of bruise brothers, and so many empty seats. That's around the time Yzerman took over the captaincy from an aging Danny Gare. I thought Greg Steffan was the goalie...but maybe my old memory is failing.

Your memory isn't failing. Steffan was our go to guy in goal that year. Everything that would go to him, became a goal. Had a lot of pucks put behind him that year.

The team was in transition the whole year. From Harry Neale being fired half way through the season, to Brad Park taking over the job and completely losing control of the team, it was a great one. The only thing that kept me going to games was for the fighting, and, to see some of the other teams great players. After Neale got the door the attitude became if you can't beat them, Beat Them Up. Kocur had several multi-fight games and even a few "fight-tricks" if I recall. Probert got called up about half way through the season, and, well, the legend was born. Warren Young, Randy Ladouceur, Reed Larson, everyone got their hands dirty. The highlight had to be a bench clearer at Maple Leaf Gardens near the end of a game that probably had 8 fights to that point. I don't even remember if we won or lost, but it was a 4+ hour game. Probert received the first of his many suspensions for a headbutt on Bob McGill during the bench clearer. I don't know if it was his longest fight ever, but they danced for what seemed like 5 minutes or so before Bobby put him down with the headbutt. It made the trip to Toronto worth a million bucks. Thankfully the exchange rate was a little bit more friendly than that.

Other memories, The Boards were white, as was the ice. Unless blood was spilled that is. None of the over commercialization that litters the arenas today. The youth movement was on as we brought in all the youngsters that had been drafted over the past few years. We said good bye to Reed Larson, Our stud D man of the day. Ron Duguay, a much loved player at the time. Both were trade deadline aquisitions for playoff bound teams. At the end of the season, we lost our Captain, Danny Gare to free agency, and thus was born the legend of "The Captain". And attendance was all over the place, from a low of, I'm estimating, 6000, to sold out games. It all depended on who was on that nights fight card.

Oh yeah, one last transition to recall. Colin Campbell, (yeah that guy), made the transition from hard nosed blueliner to assistant coach. What a great year it was. I'm glad we've come a long way from there, I don't know if I could go back.

#2084200 Red Wings air their grievances in honor of Festivus

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 24 December 2010 - 10:40 AM

We know Bertuzzi isn't the one taking the toothpaste. His one tooth doesn't need it.

Maybe it is him... If he had more teeth, then he would need teethpaste.

#2070844 Wings-Sharks game might be postponed tonight

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 30 November 2010 - 02:11 PM

Sharks forgot to pay the damn electric bill again. Maybe they should play on the ice outside the arena. :)

#2069415 Modano has severed flexor tendon

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 27 November 2010 - 10:37 AM

I guess that means Hudler, Miller and Eaves are all in. Good thing we didn't dump Huds like some people on here wanted to do yesterday....

Draper should be returning this week. That dream can still continue.

#2066792 The Todd Appreciation Station

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 21 November 2010 - 08:40 PM

The 2 in the 2nd resulted in a Calgary point.
He high sticked Franzen in the face.


At least he didn't get called for the high stick to Franzen. That's a plus.

#2056627 Movember

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 03 November 2010 - 10:15 AM

Funny coincidence to read this thread today, as my dad is going to get surgery for prostate cancer this very day.

I already have a moustache though, and I'm not gonna start clean shaven, but I'm sure as hell not gonna shave it anytime soon either, so happy Movember.

My best wishes to your father. My own Pop went through surgery and radiation twice in the last few years. He's doing well these days, mostly due to the breakthroughs in medical technology in recent years.

As far as shaving, I've rocked a Manson-like beard for 30 years, with it only coming off once for an appearance in court 20 years ago. I recently put the # 9 shoe on my Wahl trimmer for a friends funeral. That's about as far as I go. Especially with hunting camp coming up. I'd actually be scared to see what's been hidden behind the beard all these years.

On another note, did they send Parros' 'stache to the HHOF for archival purposes. They should have a display for such things. Clark Gillies' beard, Babcocks hair, Lanny's broom. Etc...

#2052750 Brendan Smith nails Nylander from behind

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 26 October 2010 - 04:43 AM

Because they're hockey players and not ***** football players. Broken leg, no big deal i skate to the medic's office. Skate to the throat, no biggie, I'll skate to the bench to get another guy on the bench. Broken neck and back, pshhhh, happened in peewees, I'll walk it off.

Football: Sweet mother of God someone stepped on my toe, let's delay the game five minutes while I lay on the ground and then proceed to walk off under my own power.

Or you can fracture a vertabra, and not know that it has been broken at all.

But more than likely, it's because all football players are *******????? Can we exaggerate just a little more.

#2049460 10/19 GDT

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 20 October 2010 - 01:29 AM

Those fans didn't get kicked out -- they were removed from the area and given seats on the glass. Rightfully so.

Rypien is a Grade-A douchebag and the banhammer from Campbell should come down hard and swift.

It's not like he was hitting the fan with the fans shoe or anything.