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In Topic: Are the Wings a Contender?

01 December 2014 - 04:21 PM



Also, regarding all the "upgrades" available over Quincey. I don't think any of them are really an upgrade, other than Yandle and Burns. The rest, I would take Quincey every time. Quincey is a very durable, reliable defenseman, and is well deserving of his current contract. He is a great middle pairing defenseman for us while we're waiting for some of our younger guys (DeKeyser / Smith) to take on bigger roles and our prospects (Ouellet, Sproul, Jensen, Marchenko) to mature and take the next step.



Kyle??? Is that you?? Always wondered if the players trolled the boards on their off days... jk/not jk?

In Topic: Are the Wings a Contender?

01 December 2014 - 03:54 AM

Teams that won't be contending this year (no playoffs) and have a D that could help:


Yotes - Yandle

Panthers - B. Campbell

Sabres - Meszaros

Sens- Phillips

Canes - Hainsey/Gleason

Flyers - Grossman/Del Zotto/Luke Schenn

Stars - Daly

Oilers - Ferrence


Couple other potential targets if their teams tank it over the next couple months:


Sharks - Burns

Wild - Ballard

Jets - Mark Stuart

Devils - Zidlicky


Granted, some of theses guys would not exactly be "top 4" D but I would sooner put skates on my dog and send him out on the 3rd pair than watch Kindl play another game for the Wings. I can't believe how many absolutely stupid, dumb, retarded, brain-fart plays he makes EVERY game. I would even prefer Oulette to Kindl at this point after watching Xavier play a few games with the Wings. Quincey can slide into the 7th D man spot in the press box too if we could trade for a top 4 guy like Burns/Phillips/Ferrence/Grossman.


We seem to have depth at forward in the system so ship off a young forward and a 2nd/3rd round pick for a defensmen. I'd do it sooner than later as the closer to the trade deadline we get the higher the price will be as everyone will be looking. Start talking to the Oilers, Stars, and Flyers now as they need a shake up. Do you hear me Kenny H.????

In Topic: Why is Kindl not playing?

26 November 2014 - 10:20 PM


Why is Kindl not playing after he scored two power play goals?


He sucks. He sucked when he was first brought up. He sucked after spending most of his career in the press box. He sucked last year. He sucked again this year. He. Just. Sucks.

In Topic: 11/9 GDT - Tampa Bay 4 at Detroit 3 (SO) - 6:00 PM EST

09 November 2014 - 08:54 PM

Darren "hands of stone" Helm on the shootout? Uh, was Z injured at the end of the game? How bout Franzen? I'm pretty sure that either of them has scored more goals in ONE season that Helm has in his entire career... How can you honestly leave Z on the bench to watch as a 3rd/4th line center takes the final spot in the shootout? Seriously Babcock, what's next? Quincey? Mrazek? Maybe it's time he did go elsewhere...

In Topic: 11/9 GDT - Tampa Bay 4 at Detroit 3 (SO) - 6:00 PM EST

09 November 2014 - 08:33 PM

Kindl SUCKS. He has SUCKED for years. He needs to be released, traded, pushed out of the plane, whatever. I've never seen someone make so many bad passes, dumb plays, stupid decisions and giveaways in one game in my life. There is a reason he has been a career scratch/7th D the entire time he has been with the Wings. Bring up Oulette or Sproul, or even a really good Bantam player to replace him.