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In Topic: Cleary NOT reporting to Grand Rapids

09 October 2015 - 03:24 PM

Not a fan of Cleary's decision here.


Holland gifted him 3 contracts and now its time for him to return the favor and he wont do it. Hope he leaves the org and never looks back

 Quite honestly, I think KH and Cleary had this scenario planned out well in advance. I don't even think that KH wanted Cleary to report to GR. If Cleary didn't make the Wings then I think they both knew exactly what would happen but doing it this way allowed for the most time before they had to make decisions on their injured players.

In Topic: Cleary NOT reporting to Grand Rapids

09 October 2015 - 01:48 PM

Preeetty sure that's cap circumvention.


Not if he retires as a player. He would then technically forefeit the remaining salary on his player contract. Then the Wings, or any other team, would be free to pay him whatever they like to be part of their administration within their organization. They could then negotiate a smaller or larger salary. It's only the players salaries that count against the cap, not the coaches, execs, GM's, etc.  If you want to see a real clusterf***, then have a look at Pronger's situation. He's still getting paid by the Flyers as a player (LTIR), is somehow working for the NHL at the same time, and will likely continue to do this until his contract as a player runs out with the Flyers. I often wonder what the league is paying though, as their well aware of his huge salary that the Flyers, or their insurance company, is still paying him?

In Topic: 3-on-3 Lineups

09 October 2015 - 12:10 PM

Glendenning - Ericsson - Quincey


Surely, you jest.

In Topic: Cleary NOT reporting to Grand Rapids

09 October 2015 - 12:01 PM

If he retires then it doesn't count against the cap. Even if he just "refuses to report" and doesn't officially retire then the team would just suspend him and the salary would not count against the cap either. I would imagine he will retire though, and the team will "employ" him for same amount of salary in another capacity. Thereby honouring the "handshake agreement" that Cleary had with them in lieu of him signing the deal that Philly offered him a few years back.

In Topic: 3-on-3 Lineups

09 October 2015 - 11:44 AM

Yep, I would love to see Pulks with time near the bottom of the circle to wind up and drill it 3-3. I'd put him with Dats or Larkin as Dats is good defensively and Larkin has mistake-erasing speed. By the end of the year I would love our 3-3 lines to look like:






Agree that Franzen might be a bit too slow for the 3-3 with all that open ice. Z has the smarts to make up for his lack of speed but his finish ability has sure tailed off since his 40 goal season a few years ago so he might have trouble putting the biscuit in the basket when he does get the chance.  I think Smith would be a nightmare 3-3, he's out of position too much as it is when it's 5-5 lol.  I can see Green making some really nice rushes with all that space though and he definitely has the skill and finishing ability to join in with the forwards when they get the puck. Kronwall was a tremendous puck-rusher in GR but since his many injuries hasn't really ever done too much of that with the Wings. Helm could be another candidate with his speed but I've seen him blow SO MANY breakaway opportunities over the last few years that I doubt my TV would survive a whole year of shoes and remotes thrown at it if Helmer were a regular on the 3-3.


I'm looking forward to watching it though and if I were Blash I would seriously consider putting Mrazek in for the 3-3 and shootouts even if he didn't start the game. Howard is BRUTAL on the shootout and I can't imagine him being great facing all those breakaways and odd man rushes when it's 3-3 either. The playoff race is so close, we can't afford not to exploit every advantage we might have out there for those extra points. In the end, I think this is what will seperate our two goalies into starter and backup. Mrazek is so much more confident in those situations and could be the type of goalie that gets in players heads (a la Hasek) and causes them to miss the net or be too creative and lose the puck.