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Roster decisions, LTIR not an option til Tuesday

28 September 2013 - 08:43 PM

As we all know, the Wings are over the roster limit and the salary cap going into the season.  The roster needs to be whittled down to 23, and the payroll to under $64.3M, by Monday afternoon.  Long-term injured reserve cannot be utilized until after the roster deadline.

The players called up for today's game (Jurco, Ouellet, Sheahan, Glendening, Sproul, Pulkkinen, Coreau) will be sent down, as will Almquist.  Paetsch and Hoggan will be released from their PTOs.  I would also assume that Mrazek (who will start as Howard's backup with Gustavsson hurt), Nyquist, and DeKeyser (because they don't have to clear waivers) will be sent down also, even if just paper transactions.  Willie Coetzee is still on the roster, I'm guessing it's because he is injured and cannot be sent down... if so, he'll have to be one of the 23, won't he?

Bottom line is, a couple guys are going to have to be waived and, if not claimed, be sent down (in which case most of their salary will still count against the cap).  Eaves and Tootoo have both been named as candidates to be moved, but both are injured, so they couldn't be sent down if they clear (someone please correct me if that's wrong!).  And can they even be waived if injured?  Samuelsson is another obvious candidate, but if he goes unclaimed and gets sent down, his cap hit is still about $2.9M.  They'll need to hang on to Emmerton with Helm still out.  Miller and Cleary were just signed.  Bertuzzi is another candidate, but with his age and back, he's a risk.

Holland hasn't been able to find a single trade to alleviate the crunch all summer.  Can he find one now?  NY Islanders, Calgary, Colorado, Ottawa, Florida, and Buffalo all have a lot of cap room, and Florida has already signed some guys since being sold last week.

So... who gets waived?