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#2107614 Nabokov claimed by NYI, refuses to report, suspended

Posted by achildr1 on 31 January 2011 - 12:28 PM

Like I said, I understand Nabby not wanting to play there, but this isn't Snow just doing this to screw him over. Their goaltending situation is bad. They basically have Dipietro who is a china doll, a shaky minor leaguer, and a young prospect. They don't want to throw the prospect and have him get shelled on a crappy team.

Dipietro will very likely get injured again in some way, and there is still almost a half a season left to play. No, they're not going to make the playoffs, but as GM I get that he wants to at least ice a competitive team so the fans that do come have something to watch.

Holland likely made this move because of Osgood's injury and Jimmy's less than stellar play. So he picks up a solid goalie at bargain basement prices. That's pretty much the same reasons Snow claimed him, minus the playoff situation. Roloson was a salary dump, but by claiming Nabby Snow just replaced him with a comparable goaltender but significantly cheaper. And unless Jimmy started sucking, he's the starting goaltender here in Detroit, but Nabokov sounds almost as if he expected to be the starter. He'd very likely be riding the pine here come playoff time.

Sucks for Nabokov, but Snow is doing this for reasons other than to screw with his career, and it's allowed in the rules.

Here's my problem, because obviously Snow did nothing wrong in terms of the rules

Hockey, just like any other business, has "guidelines" apart from the rules. If you want to be a well respected franchise where players will want to come and play their best, you have to act a certain way in business, considering all sides of a matter...

1. Players who sign a deal with a contender, halfway through the NHL season, who are 35 plus years old and haven't won a cup, probably don't want to play on a team that has already forfieted their season, traded veterans, been a perennial bottom feeder, continuesly ran into the ground, and is essentially certain to miss the playoffs.
a. Considering above, player may not report when claimed.
b. By not reporting, he makes said team look even worse in the media.

2. By claiming said player, you may: Instantly create an unhealthy relationship with the player, agent, agents other clients, signing team, or all. (Very much like Offer Sheets for RFA's)

3. By doing so you may: Confirm to the entire NHL community (again), on a large media scale mind you, exactly what kind of short sighted hockey operations decisions (Yashin trade and signing and releasing, Luongo trade, DiPietro signing, etc.) got you to be in the predicament you're in to begin with.
a. Repercussions include, but not limited to: even less ticket sales, corporate sponsership, or new fans.

Of course we don't expect anything different from them. But that doesn't excuse Snow from a little bit of responsibility for his short sighted actions. I still blame him because its a bad PR decision that is a huge high-risk, low reward move.

Some unlearned fan somewhere is saying, "Geez, what kind of smart, successful, business and personal relations trained GM would do such a thing?" And we all laugh and shrug our shoulders, trying to make them look as big as a certain late '90's back-up goaltender from the Flyers. A 'tender who's rags to more rags story has uninspired us all and left us wishing Mike Milbury would return to bring the Isle's back to their former glory!

#2104353 Who is the most hated man on LGW?

Posted by achildr1 on 24 January 2011 - 02:12 PM

How is Brett Lebda not on this list?

If we took Mindfly out and replaced him with Lebda we'd have a hatred power play...

Hudler. Crosby. Lemieux
Lebda. Williams

#2104314 Who is the most hated man on LGW?

Posted by achildr1 on 24 January 2011 - 01:26 PM

Currently: Jiri Hudler.

Can we start a thread called "Least talented player LGWers have a love affair with?"

#2104073 Nabokov claimed by NYI, refuses to report, suspended

Posted by achildr1 on 23 January 2011 - 09:28 PM

I like Wangs delusional response;

"I don't see why somebody who has this opportunity would not want to play and fulfill his contract. It's nuts, right. I don't understand any of it"

Uh...you really don't see why an aging goalie who wanted to make, what, who knows, could be one last run at the cup, wouldn't want to play for a team who has no chance of making the playoffs? You don't understand why he wouldn't want to leave his family and the warmth of sunny California to come to gloomy, cold ass New York to play for a team he thinks sucks and doesn't want to play for, won't make the finals, for a mere quarter mil, when dude has tens of millions already?



Maybe Wang was going to interview the aging goalie to replace Snow as GM. Nabby's got this all wrong...

#2100869 Wings Negotiating w/ Nabokov

Posted by achildr1 on 20 January 2011 - 07:31 PM

Things to consider...
Kenny has some serious man love for Chris Osgood and we are a pretty upstanding organization.
I have a hard time believing Kenny is doing this knowing he has about a 3.67% chance that no one picks up Evgeni. If that were the case, he probably just nearly killed Jimmy Howard's (what I believe to be) fragile confidance. All of a sudden, in one high risk (goalie moral wise) move, Osgood probably thinks Kenny believes his season (or career) is over, Jimmy thinks he isn't/cant be THE guy, and McDonald thinks he can't even be a backup during an injury. Since we've explored most other crazy scenarios, its seems that is indeed what is happening or the other 27 teams have been told by Nabby's agent that he won't play for them.

I also think its pretty far fetched that we would negotiate with Nabby 100% for another team in hopes that they would put Johan Hedberg or some other journeyman backup on the trade block for us. NJ knows theyd have first dibs on waivers, why dont they sign him? Why go through this mess.

#2097757 Holmstrom suffers a broken hand

Posted by achildr1 on 14 January 2011 - 10:37 PM


Who ya gonna call up? Tater? iFlip? Tardif? Klima? Kocur?

Quick! Kenny, call into 97.1! Get D-Mac back! "

Do the guys think there is an annual DL Cancun vacation this time of year? By All-Star break do they think thier wrists, hands, and ankles?

Ok guys....i have the over/under set at 3 games before Zetterberg goes down. Followed by Babcock in a freak staring accident and our video coordinater to clinical depression after replaying guys injurys over and over.

#2092629 1/7 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Flames 4 (SO)

Posted by achildr1 on 07 January 2011 - 09:47 PM

Pavelec should just collapse again. Maybe they'd call it then.



#2089983 Flyers place Leighton on waivers

Posted by achildr1 on 03 January 2011 - 03:28 PM

Better then Howard...

Are you serious? Please, please, please remind yourself of the stretch run last year. Where Jimmy Howard basically carried us on his back. We wouldn't have made the playoffs without him last year, chew on that. His start this year wasn't bad either...sheez.

Put Jimmy on waivers and watch the ensuing GM on GM violence. Pretty sure Leighton goes unclaimed, but either way, pretty much no one will care anyway.

#2089913 Flyers place Leighton on waivers

Posted by achildr1 on 03 January 2011 - 12:21 PM

Pcik him up Kenny, can't be worse than howard/osgood atm.

You continuously out do yourself.


#2086619 Retire Osgood's #30?

Posted by achildr1 on 29 December 2010 - 03:52 PM

It's a tiring argument. But realize this. Before the team acquired Hasek, Osgood was one of the team's 3-4 best players every season from his sophomore season on.

His number should be hung up high in the rafters.

Yzerman, Lidstrom, Shanahan, Fedorov. You could argue about Vernon, Chelios, and Konstantinov being better during those years.

Try again.

#2084444 Patrick Eaves Watch Thread.

Posted by achildr1 on 25 December 2010 - 01:28 PM

Locate one error among those names...

:siren: Howard :siren:


#2081788 12/19 GDT: Stars 4 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

Posted by achildr1 on 19 December 2010 - 08:52 PM

This goalie debate is just rediculous. One of the worst tandems in the league? Take a hike. Mediocre at best? Please take your pills and go to sleep, hopefully your delusion will pas during the night.

Howard has had a bad month people! If you add his first month last year, he's had two bad months. The rest of the time he's been at least very good, sometimes great. In all seriousness, he deserved Hart consideration last year. Yet people like Mindfly think that a rookie goalie who deserved Hart consideration, was a finalist for the Calder trophy, and basically got us into the playoffs is "mediocre at best". Osgood has had more ups and downs than my toilet lid and will get blind love and hate from this community until he retires, understood. He is what he is, a good goalie who has barely ever been great on his own. That said, he looks to have actually put together a few decent games and may actually get his chance at playing enough games to get his groove back, the thing he whined about needing so much last year. If he gets it together and plays like we know is possible then we have one of the best tandems.

We have a very good young goalie and a 3 time Cup winning goalie as his backup, who plays better in the playoffs. We're fine. Lay off these guys, they're not Matt Stafford...

#2077082 Nabokov a Free Agent Again

Posted by achildr1 on 13 December 2010 - 12:27 PM

LouLam signs Nabokov to a 11-year, 1.2 billion dollar deal.

The first two years he makes 500 mill a year. The remainder is spread over the following 9 years at completely sporadic amounts. First two years are paid in scratch off tickets and monopoly money...coming from the KHL, Nabby never knew the difference.

If he plays 63 games in year three, the Devils will give him the Islanders. He will then have exclusive rights to move them to Quebec. He can take over as GM of the Nordiques as soon as he loses his starting position...

The Devils will glory in thier triumph over the leagues cap rules when Nabby's cap hit is only 17 pence a year. That is until Bettman takes Nabby's car, cell phone, and jock strap as well as NJ's next five 3rd round picks and Martin Brodeur's shutout record as punishment for circumventing anything Gary Bettman says is truth.

#2075131 Retire Osgood's #30?

Posted by achildr1 on 10 December 2010 - 12:51 PM

It's all up in the air, i'm not sure if they'll even retire Lidstrom's jersey... Stevie Y was a no brainer to retire, I personally think Lidstrom's should be retired though. As for osgood, maybe... but I don't think they will. Another question is who is going to take captain when Lidstrom actually does retire... i'm not trying to steal your thread, I just don't personally feel like making a new one for that.

Dude, lay off whatever your sippin on cause Nick is about as certain as the sunrise to be in the rafters. Were talking the best Wings d-man ever and a career Wing here.

"No doubt, no doubt in my mind"

#2067007 Dan Cleary

Posted by achildr1 on 22 November 2010 - 12:35 PM

So worried. So very worried.

For what? We should have at least figured that this would happen to Cleary before the end of the season. Dan Cleary plays 65 game seasons. Not his fault, just the way it is.

Taking that into consideration, Abby has 7 pts in 10 games. Might mean some more powerplay time for him.

Someone will most likely step in and contribute. That someone might even be LGW's favorite whipping boy, Jiri Hudler. And when he pulls a Modano and turns it around I'm sure most of the haters will fall in Lilja love with him and the hotseat will be someone else's to sit in.

Get well soon though, Danny