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In Topic: 2014 Prospects Tournament Roster

Today, 08:39 AM

Larkin's not attending because NCAA players can't.  NCAA violation if he does, I believe.  In fact IIRC, NCAA players who attend the development camp like Larkin did in July, have to foot their own bill to attend because of NCAA regs.
Edit...Info under the NHL section on development camps here: http://collegehockeyinc.com/faq#chl

That's one of the huge advantages of CHL over NCAA. Not to open a can of worms or anything.

In Topic: potential team names for las vegas!

Today, 08:35 AM

Las Vegas Slots.

That name should be fun!

In Topic: Las Vegas rumored to get an expansion team

Today, 08:34 AM

I just don't understand why Toronto would allow another team in their media market.

They don't have to. Bettman has said that it requires a majority vote by the BoG. Toronto argues that they have a veto vote, but after discussions with the league, they commented something like "we only have one vote, apparently."

Mobile, so no source atm, sorry.

In Topic: Las Vegas rumored to get an expansion team

Yesterday, 05:49 PM


Atlanta was moved as quick as it was because Bettman wanted to stop the "move the Coyotes back to Winnipeg" talk.  If Atlanta had a competent ownership group and front office and hadn't been a joke for most of their existence I think they would have been relatively successful.  Instead, they got moved as soon as it was possible while the league has done everything possible to keep the failed experiment in Glendale.


To this day, I cannot figure out why they keep trying to keep the Phoenix Arizona Coyotes propped up, while they just bailed on the Thrashers. Not a group I would trust to pull off a 4 team expansion. 

In Topic: Las Vegas rumored to get an expansion team

Yesterday, 03:06 PM

Horrible place to have an pro sport team. Will not happen.



There's a reason Vegas has no sports teams


So lets say Seattle goes through, and they add Toronto2 and QC. What is the 4th team you add in the West if not Vegas? 


Portland? Salt Lake City? Albuquerque? Omaha?  :lol: There are no other cities with any potential NHL ownership interest in the entire Western US.