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Pierre McGuire's past that NBC doesn't want you to know about

29 July 2013 - 10:15 AM

SI posted this link this morning. Apparently someone dug this up, and its making the rounds online. I know this was quite a while ago....but I'm shocked that Pierre is still in hockey after things like this. I guess NBC didn't take the time to vet him, or they just didn't care. Apologies to anyone who already knew this, but this has some gems that I couldn't pass up:



With one brush of his newly recovered powers Thursday, general manager Paul Holmgren did more to unify the Whalers than anybody in recent team history.

Holmgren fired coach Pierre McGuire after six months.
It was more than a great idea.
It was justice.
In 15 years of covering the NHL, we had never seen a coach so universally disrespected and disliked within his own organization.



In a blistering post-mortem, captain Pat Verbeek called McGuire's firing the best thing that could have happened to the Whalers. He said other teams mocked their coach. He said his own teammates had no respect for McGuire. He said a number of players wouldn't have wanted to play in Hartford anymore.



We said McGuire was overemotional.

When the hallway curtain opened after a loss in Boston, McGuire was found by the media wildly smashing sticks against the wall. When the door opened after a loss in Pittsburgh, McGuire was seen knocking furniture around the coach's room.
We said he was full of himself.
Many times he privately said after a game how he outcoached the other guy. But it was something never really made public until May 3, when McGuire proclaimed that no coach in the NHL ``can outwit me.'' That quote ran in The Hockey News and raised eyebrows all over the NHL.



Once when he was an assistant coach, McGuire bragged about his strategy to shut down Mario Lemieux. This was after a 7-3 loss and four goals by Kevin Stevens.

On the bench, players said McGuire would taunt the other team, saying he couldn't believe the opposing coach was allowing him certain line matchups. This braggadocio led Pittsburgh's Jaromir Jagr to mock McGuire in December. McGuire got Jagr for an illegal stick, and after Jagr jumped out of the penalty box, he scored on a breakaway. Although he had scored big goals in two Stanley Cup championships, Jagr called this overtime goal the biggest of his life because he humbled ``that know-it-all.''


Ken Holland announces 8-team prospect tourney is back

04 June 2013 - 12:18 AM

GM Ken Holland announced Monday that the annual NHL Prospects Tournament at Training Camp at the Center ICE Arena in Traverse City, Mich., will be back with a bang, as eight teams are set to participate: the Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres, Carolina Hurricanes, Columbus Blue Jackets, Dallas Stars, Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers and St. Louis Blues.


This year’s event will feature each team playing four games a day for four days — Sept. 5, 6, 8 and 9.


Nbc sports


This is the same as last time, isn't it?



2013 Offseason Thread

29 May 2013 - 10:17 PM

Lots of tweaks to be made... I'm sure you all have your theories.

Bruins/Pens game tonight postponed

19 April 2013 - 02:43 PM

From TSN:


The NHL game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins at TD Garden have been postponed as a city-wide lockdown has local law enforcement in a manhunt for the second suspect of the Boston Marathon bombings.

The 7pm et game between the Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins was on hold after both teams cancelled their morning skates.

The Penguins-Bruins game has been tentatively rescheduled for Saturday at TD Garden beginning at 12:30pm et, with the game's status to be formalized no later than 8:30am et. The game between the Penguins and Buffalo Sabres, scheduled for Saturday night in Pittsburgh, has been moved to Tuesday at 7:30pm et.