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    For the first time ever I want to preach patience. Copp, Seider, Bertuzzi, Vrana, have all started slow/injured. Normally this would sink us, but our secondaries like Kubalik, Maata, Hronek, Perron, and Sundqvist have stepped up bigger than anyone could have imagined. It's beautiful honestly. And that group of players that has started slow are all good enough where I'm not really worried... It's nice to have this depth again... The thing I value in Chiarot is the ability to be a plug for 25+ minutes a night. Most plugs can't skate that much without seriously shooting their teams in the foot. But Seider has been quiet to start the season. I don't think that's because of Chiarot, it's cause of Seider. He needs to pull himself out of this sophomore slump and find his mojo. When that happens Chiarot will look real nice next to him all of the sudden, but Ben is not the driver on that pairing. Hagg is whatever, he hits a lot, but he's northing decent. Lindstrom is a poor mans Jensen. We should consider trading Lindstrom soon to extract some value from his youth. I don't expect him to ever seriously impact this team. And I forgot to mention that I can't say enough about Hronek/Matta right now. They have been the big boys on that D corps. For all the worries that many had about Hornek, and that I had about Maata, they are both playing like they want more. Good on em.
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    Howard = Average