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  1. No thanks on Wiz. Overpaid and takes places off. That was one of the biggest complaints from Jackets fans down here in Columbus.
  2. I thoughts too! If that deal gets done they will have that pick back.
  3. Next bring the Pistons to downtown. Double the revenue at the arena. I don't get the negative attitudes towards this project. You could put a 24/7 hot dog stand and it's an upgrade to that area. I give Mr I credit for this project and wanting to keep the money in Detroit. You want the city to recover and improve this is the kind of project that can help. It's not the answers for all the cities' problems but it's a start. I will miss the Joe but this was long over due. I live in Columbus and I love going to an arena like Nationwide. Classy facility and great fan experience.
  4. http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Site=C4&Date=20140720&Category=BUSINESS&ArtNo=307200114&Ref=PH
  5. http://network.yardbarker.com/nhl/article_external/angry_red_wings_fans_edit_gm_ken_hollands_wikipedia_page/16772527?linksrc=story_player_ken_holland_auto_module_head_16772527
  6. Signed

    This will only stop if we stop making it into the playoffs. Holland doesn't have a clue!!!!
  7. I am excited about this one. Has speed and good hands.
  8. I like Babs but I really think it's just time to refresh things up. I like to see what Blashill brings to the table and Kenny needs to be moved out of the GM spot.
  9. I think the Front office has got a little too comfortable. Wouldn't hurt to shake things up.
  10. Nothing will happen when it comes to Detroit.
  11. The only way they could show they are not happy is by requesting a trade or not resign when the contract is up. I think Erhoff signed with Pittsburg to have a chance to win the Cup. Back in the day players would take less money to play for Detroit to have a chance to win the Cup. Times have changed.
  12. signed

    After giving up a 1st rd pick for this guy and then resigning him. I am going with delusional.
  13. signed

    Holland said he is not disappointed, however. "Not in the least," Holland said. "You're talking about 4-5 players and there's 30 teams. It's free agency; it's wide open. Other teams are after these players, too. Last year we got the guys wanted (forwards Stephen Weiss and Daniel Alfredsson) this year we didn't." Holland dismissed speculation that Detroit isn't the free-agent destination it once was or that the franchise has lost its luster in the eyes of players hitting the open market. "Thirty teams are a destination," Holland said. "The game has changed. Players can go wherever they want. We all have the same money (because of the cap). We made some pitches. Those players chose to go elsewhere." Holland doesn't accept the notion that free agents don't want to play for coach Mike Babcock because of his demanding ways. "I think we got a fabulous coach," Holland said. (Team Canada executive director) Steve Yzerman has picked him for two Olympic teams and the results speak for themselves (gold medals in 2010 and 2014)." Holland said he will continue exploring trade possibilities for a right-handed shooting defenseman and look for free-agent bargains this summer. "Still lots of players out there that could be good one-year bargains," Holland said. "I was hoping to get a right-shot defenseman or two. They signed elsewhere, that's their prerogative. That's going to happen more and more with the cap ceiling and floor going up." This guy is delusional. He's putting pretty much the same team on the ice. Somebody get Kenny his meds. I love at the end how he stated how there's bargains out there still. Cleary and Alfie came to mind.
  14. signed

    Halfway??? I give it till November.
  15. At that point I would almost stand pat. It's pretty obvious they are not trying to get a Cup for Dats and Z. Sorry but signings like Modano, Alfie, and Quincey twice doesn't smell like a contending team. I would almost stand pat and let the young guys mature and grow as hockey players. I don't want to trade at this point cause I can see Holland getting schooled in that too.