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  1. For the guys on the bench....
  2. Also nice to see Howard moving the puck up on the PK. Saves a lot of time as opposed to how he always just let it come to him or stopped it behind the net and leaving it for the D to pick up
  3. This is hilarious. You know he'll do it if given the chance.
  4. I thought so too, but then I saw the replay
  5. Howard playing really well after a shaky opening. Good to see him bouncing back.
  6. Vanek at the Disco!!!
  7. Is there any way to turn off that noise it makes when new replies are posted? Its quite annoying.
  8. Looks like Dean Portman is this year's Good Luck Mighty Duck™
  9. Some guy named Hossa is about to score his 500th career goal....
  10. And Rafalski. And Stuart left too. Not much has been done to fix the holes left by those three.
  11. I'd say so. We've met them in the playoffs the past two seasons which were great, intense series. Add in the Yzerman angle and.... To be clear, I don't have any real hatred for Tampa or any of their players. But the lack of other meaningful rivals, as Hillbilly said, they're the closest thing to a rival right now