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  1. Glad to see Jimmy bounce back after that first one. Hopefully he looks like this all season long. I like the red pads too, makes it harder for opponents to see the rebound off the pad.
  2. Kind of an odd choice for the nbcsn Wednesday night rivalry game.
  3. Rough start to the period, but they responded in a beauty fashion. Lets hope they keep it up for the next 40 too. LGW!!!
  4. Anyone else notice what seemed to be a new strategy Nyqvist was implementing for not getting kicked out of the faceoff? Before the drop, he calls Helm over and says something to him, perhaps informing him of his brilliant plan... Then the ref goes to drop the puck, and blows the whistle skates back and motions for Nyqvist to leave the circle. Nyqvist (geniusly?) just stays crouched down waiting for the puck drop and completely ignores the ref kicking him out. The ref takes a step forward and appears to say something to Gus, and he just stays crouched down and ignores him. The ref is then like "oh well, I tried" and just skates back in and drops the puck.
  5. Oh, s***!!! After several years now, the quote function is finally (apparently) fixed for all of us that its been broken for seemingly forever.
  6. Pretty sure that is wrong, but who knows. I just checked the cable box to see what buckeye has listed as airing on the plus channel, and its is a college football game. Fridays game against Boston should be airing on the plus channel though.
  7. Ugh... I guess I didn't actually figure the new site out after all, lol. I had to google in my last post to be able to find the tv schedule, but when you google "red wings tv schedule" and click the first link, it takes you to last years schedule. D'oh. I was all set to watch a game on TV tonight, until I realized that I was looking at last years schedule. Man, what a disaster that new site is. I still didn't see a way to check the scores through the schedule page, and when you click the "scores" link at the top of the page, it just redirects you to and you have to scroll through to try to find the game you wanted to know the score for. Edit: I got it. To see the scores, you have to go to the calendar schedule page, not the other two schedule pages. Man, talk about making s*** needlessly complicated. Or maybe I just suck at technology. ;p
  8. I'm with Frank and the others, the new site sucks. I was confused, as I just checked the site for the schedule like a week ago and everything looked the same as always. I searched it yesterday for the schedule, and was like "wtf?" I couldn't even figure out how to find the simple schedule listing the TV time and stations, the site was such a mess. First, I just got sent to a page with a giant ass calendar. Then I got a page that just had two big boxes side by side all the way down the page, and seemed like it was for smartphones only. Finally on try three I found the actual schedule list. NOW though, instead of being a clean list of every game, separated by months, with a drop down menu to let you pick pre-regular-or post season, all the games are listed back to back in one giant unending list from game one to the last game of the season, with no monthly separation or anything. Not to mention is takes up the whole screen, and looks like a massive step backwards. I guess its more of the same old BS change for the sake of change, even though the new change doesn't help anything or make it more functional, the opposite in fact.... EDIT: and to add further as to why the new site completely sucks, I looked at the schedule page to see what the score of the game last night was, and...nada, nothing. The schedule page on the old site let you view everything, game schedule, TV listing schedule, scores from past games with a link to the recap right next to it. The new site? Yeah, not so much.
  9. I, for one, applaud the change. The old logo has no place in our modern PC world it is angry and aggressive and evokes feelings of violence and rape. It at once scares, disgusts and offends me. I welcome the passive pussycat as the new logo...
  10. To put it into the neo pc modified language, since the old is now considered taboo, but the new pc modified words still mean the same as the old, etc.... Johnson is a fvckboy.
  11. GDT

    These are the types of games that make you seriously wonder if the refs are indeed in cohoots with the big time gamling organizations. Maybe the conspiracy folks are onto something and aren't as off base as we'd like to think....
  12. Since Tampa are some whiny ******* and won't allow opposing team gear, just wear head to toe red instead. You won't be violating their "rules" but you'll be sure to let them know where you stand.
  13. GDT

    Is FSD f***ed up for anyone else? I checked it about 10 minutes ago and it was all pixelated and breaking apart. Other channels were fine, so I decided to check FSD+ and it was even worse that regular FSD, it looked like a gliching out Atari or nintendo. Hope they get it worked out in the next few minutes... Edit: seems OK now. Hope it stays that way.
  14. gdt

    Sucks Jimmy lost the shutout. Though it did make me chuckle when the refs called that last penalty and they cut to Blashill on the bench, and the drunk dude sitting behind him in the crowd realized he was on camera and put his head up to the glass so it looked like it was resting on Blash's shoulder and did the blinky lovey-dovey eyes up at him...
  15. gdt

    Man, the Wings PP is embarrassingly pathetic. Just imagine where they'd be in the standings if their PP this season was simply just average...