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  1. I just love the fact that our #1 Center is healthy and versatile enough to play major minutes on the first line, and PP, and PK. Seems like forever since we had that...
  2. I would love a look at.. AA - Nielsen - Tatar Adelkader - Larkin - Z Nyquist - Helm - Vanek (since that 3rd line works great, dont't split them) Sheahan - Glendening - Ott As for defense, as long as E is in, this gets reduced to "whose production/performance is most likely to get hurt the least when paired with him.." ..
  3. Ha, finally is has been discovered how E can contribute to this teams success! Fight! The more, the better! Because...chances are 99,9% that the other team hurts more from missing their guy for 5 minutes (regardless who it is ) than us missing E..
  4. We shouldn't forget that we got an early lead against a team that is a title contender, which we are not. And we scored 4 goals, with goalscoring not being our biggest plus the last years. Petr shouldnt let any softies in, PK should get their s*** together everyone simply has to work the full 60. Then we can win against anybody with the upside of our youngsters. We need to get Miller scratched too, Sheahan to 4th with Mantha in on 2nd or 3rd line and...Ericsson bought out. Which won't happen all of a sudden, but getting AA in over Ott is at least the first step in the right direction. Maybe the Wings could hire some guy for advanced stats to show and read some statistics to Blash and Kenny?
  5. I don't get the three claims on Frk. I didn't see enough to consider him not to pass, so that's a surprise. These GMs either know a lot more than I do () or they're idiots. We'll see..
  6. No, "in Detroit" would absolutely not mean anywhere close to Wings facilities. He's under contract with the Jets and there's something called "CBA" in place.
  7. I'd retire them both.
  8. I just hope the expansion draft becomes our saviour..
  9. Which they never will because Kenny would've to admit how bad that contract is. Which is why he won't buy it out either.
  10. Interesting..
  11. Voted Abby given the options, but I'd like to see Danny get it, too.
  12. Signed

    Oh, count on his hands of stone being Top6 again...
  13. signed

    Great deal, I like him.
  14. Signed

    Again, nothing against the guy. That deal being 2 years less and I would've looked for a drink to celebrate. I most like the fact of adding a real two-way guy...5on5 AND both special teams, where we really need to improve.
  15. Signed

    The potential to be a huge steal is the best about it.