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  1. @kliq: You're right about the early success he had, I just wasn't a fan at that time. Started watching hockey at the beginning of the 2010 season and didn't take long to make the Wings "my" team. And since then, it's most of all like nobody stops the bleeding and rebuilds the team in a proper way. And yes, overpaying people like E is one of the worst parts about it.
  2. Ah, I love this about the internet. Other people telling me what my general thinking is. Of course he needs to get credit for the positives! Picking AA, for example. Picked at #110, other teams for sure want to change their picks before him in retrospect, no doubt. Holland deserves the credit, even if other people made that choice, because he leads and picks those people. So much for "is this real life?" - ofc it is. If you are a companys CEO, you get the credit for success and the blame for failure, no matter where in your organisation it was actually created. So for Holland - what was the state of this franchise when he took over, what is it now? Did roster quality stay the same, improve or decrease during his tenure? Did we have rosters who were good enough to win, and how many titles did we actually win?. It's just like making a "pro" and a "con" list on a sheet of paper and checking which one is longer. And for Holland, it's "con". That's all I'm saying. I'm not following any agenda, looking in a different direction when he does something good (for example, I credited him for the Smith trade, just because he won it) or hoping for his failure - as long, as he is in charge, I want him to succeed because I want this team to succeed!! That said, because I want this team to succeed I would prefer a change at GM, because he is simply not good enough.
  3. What about the input? The input comes from people that Holland either hired himself or continues to pay, for giving that input. If the result isn't good, the person in charge should get the blame. That's real life, oh yes. Plus, Holland never did anything to deserve any benefit of the doubt by anybody. But this has been discussed here all over, again and again. For years, for trillions of posts...
  4. I'm all for the strategy of "take the best player available", and sure you can say Holland failed on that (again), but since we got the kids we got, I just say let's take a positive look at them, especially Ras, because kid cannot do anything about Holland selecting him too early.
  5. Said it before, say it again: Both Lindstrom and Setkov, who plays in SuperElit for Malmo, are likely Hakan Anderssons picks, and that makes me very confident they'll be good and that the early pick for Lindstrom will be justified in the future. Just read these reports (for our other picks there were none) and have to think, Ras sounds better there than I've heard so far, and Lindstrom..sounds like in best case, we can just cut the "n". Petruzzelli sounds like a steal and Setkov apparently wasn't even ranked at all. From a danish article, per Google translate (): Still growing..maybe we've drafted the next Chara?
  6. He was ranked much lower than where we actually picked him, but the good thing about it is...this might very well be Hakans pick.
  7. A lot of sleep later, I still shake my head seeing Valimaki with the Flames. Sure, we needed C and D, but I liked everything I read about Valimaki and so I would've gone for him and D first.
  8. Goddamn..I would've liked Valimaki. Apparently the Flames did, too...
  9. So we're just one fake injury away from getting rid of Errorson? Good to know...
  10. I guess losing Mrazek stil is odd just for the fact we didn't protect Sheahan either. He comes cheap and bouncing back isn't that unlikely. Plus, there are no "issues" reported in any kind of way. They probably take Sheahan and pick up Fleury as their starting goalie.
  11. Only NMCs? Hell.. That makes it even dumber...should've been Hank, AA, Mantha, Nielsen, Goose, Tatar, Sheahan / DD, XO, Jensen / Mrazek then. Expose Howard, Abdelkader, Helm, Green and hope Vegas reliefs us of one of those contracts. Which in that szenario most likely is Helm.
  12. Green and DD both have NTCs and had to be protected. What I'm thinking is...should we even had protected Goose and Tatar, or make them available because they both might not evolve into anything more and Goose is already overpaid, if thats the case? On the other hand, even if he is, it's just two years and he could get traded for some asset possibly. Low level journalism at it's best. No substantial background to the headline whatsoever in the whole article. The headline over that text should be "might've led to", not "led". But maybe dude was just too dumb to learn anything better..
  13. So you're "taking one for the team"? Let me look at her twitter pic again - wow, you're brave.
  14. Oh gotta be desperate..
  15. Somehow Kenny will gut feeling is very, very bad about this..