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  1. Fair point and I agree with you to some extent on the players from past eras. I think Sid is held in such high regard because of the few items you mention, AND the fact that he was a part of the Production Line (that basically equaled the Bruins "Kraut Line") that was previously being called in that era as the best line of all time (again in that era). He was also named to the "100 Greatest Players Of All Time" last year, but so was Feds and a bunch of other guys (Some of which i question), so moot point on that. I wouldn't be upset of 91's jersey got retired, it's just if it were my call i would vote "no".
  2. My point was just addressing your statement about Wings players in the rafters and playing their entire career with the Wings. "Should not" = Just because Z's jersey is getting retired doesn't mean i have to agree with it. No, they should be up in the raters. I believe for their era of hockey those four were in the category of "elite of the elite".
  3. Ummmmm...Sid Abel didn't play his entire career with the Wings? Terry Sawchuk didn't play his entire career with the Wings? Ted Lindsay didn't play his entire career with the Wings??? Lastly, to your "being a true Red Wing" Shanahan has stated that he will forever associate himself with being a Wing. Anyway, to go back and stay to my original point: 91, 13, 40, and 30 should not be in the rafters. And neither should Shanny.
  4. i'd say no to these guys being in the rafters. I personally like it as "THE Elite of the ELITE" only up in the rafters. The "NO DOUBTERS". If you put these guys up in the rafters, then you set the slippery slope of opening the door/debate for some "equally deserving" players who were very good/great (e.g. Shanahan, others). Then before you know it, we're attending a Brett Lebda jersey retirement ceremony. Keep is at the Elite OF THE ELITE....The No Doubters.
  5. This is a major part of our problems in the last 5+ years with our organization. We covet and want to keep our average talent with hopes of the player improving beyond which is likely realistic. IMO...we need to start trading these average players while they have still have value and start getting pieces that have proven ability...EVEN IF this puts us in situations where the evaluation of the trade seem like the Wings didn't get the "better" of the deal. I'd rather get a solid 2nd/3rd liner who can play RIGHT NOW and trade away some players who are going to be "projects" but show they have a lot of potential, than to sit on these guys who don't pan out and get nothing for them. This would also, in turn, help our cap management strategy which is garbage and has put us behind the "8 ball". Tired of this organization and all of their high hopes and pet projects when it comes to player development. Many of the players in GR which we all (myself included) tend to over hype and salivate for when looking at their performance in GR, or in Traverse City training camp. Yes, we need to have some patience and they need to be given a fair shot at making the Wings club. But their needs to be a shorter decision point, and if they can't cut it, SOME (not all) of these guys need to be packaged up and included as assets in potential trade deals. Our organization seems to think that success in GR is going to translate in to solid Wings/NHL players and it's simply not the case. The overall success of the Griffs has at times blurred the optics on some players who we think will be superstars for the Wings one day. Screw "one day". I get annoyed every Sept when i read article after article about training camp and how X or Y player is going to be a "Stud" down the road. Wings need to be more decisive with their talent decisions before it's too late and they just rot in GR/AHL the rest of their careers. There are only approx 600 players playing in the NHL...the odds are low that many these pet projects the Wings love investing in will play in the NHL..or at least not play for very long.
  6. 12/11 GDT - Panthers @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Agreed. I also believe that Holland thought that the Grand Rapids talent pool was a lot deeper and more NHL caliber than the actual reality.
  7. 12/9 GDT - Blues @ Red Wings - 1:00 PM EST

    Kenny's too smart to do fire Blash AT THIS CURRENT TIME. IF we were to fire Blash, then we have a new coach with a clean slate with a year (or two, or three) to prove themselves. Like or hate Blash, I don't think with this current roster that a new coach is going to be able to improve/"move the needle" enough to make this a clear indication that our primary problem was bad coaching. A new coach MAY show improvement, but IMO not enough improvement to vindicate our talent level/bad roster. In addition, if a new coach is put in place, then in the interim, the focus really become our roster and he's 100% solely responsible for this aspect of the organization. It works to Kenny's advantage in this final year of his contract to have the fans/media questioning the coaching and not the talent/roster he responsible for. Playing this out a bit further; If Kenny does get an extension at the end of this year (or knowing the Ilitches, before the end of the year), Blash is done.
  8. 12/5 GDT - Jets at Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Great effort last night. What stood out to me most was they were quick and "moving their feet" (Babs wording). Didn't see many guys get caught standing still and we were quick and crisp in gaining the zone. Also loved Abby's reference after the game of his thoughts on the victory; "we started on time"...LOL another famous Babs line.
  9. Rumors Thread

    Valid statement. However, as typical, follow the money and the relationships. I see the Canes being relocated being a tough battle for the NHL/Bettman. Karmanos (who owns the Canes) has pretty deep hockey ties to the NHL/Bettman. Phoenix on the other hand, I much more could see happening. Their primary ownership is a hedge fund manager and doesn't have the history or relationship pull as Karmanos does. Just as Bettman finally gave in to Mr. I and putting us in the Eastern Conference due to Mr. I's status as an owner, commitment to his product, AND being a good sport in letting his team taking a beating in terms of traveling all over the West Coast for years. Not to mention the TV revenue that was lost as many sponsors didn't want to buy ad packages with the Wings due to the fact that many of their games started at 9-10 PM local time, and didn't end till after midnight. The reasoning was that the Wings were always a HUGE draw on the West coast and sold TONS of tickets across West coast arena's for regular season games. I firmly believe factors and scenarios like this figure into the discussions and decisions in the back rooms of the NHL executive offices.
  10. Ericsson

    OMG!! Did one of his family members write this article?? I get it, I'm bias and have a bit too much dislike for him, but the article reads like a defense lawyer trying to make a case that he's "serviceable third pairing" dman. (Slow golf clap) He's an average/below average NHL dman by your account ("serviceable third pairing"), and paid way more than he should....Yeah!!!! I have to go take my Xanax now before i collapse. Nothing personal either, I dig his love of his mom and his support of her battle (or former battle) cancer. (Not playing big shot because I'm not) I actually met him very briefly one night in Royal Oak (with Dats and Abby), he's was extremely cool.
  11. Why are we better than last season?

    I think they look better this year for sure. The younger groups are starting to develop some chemistry and I think this is producing a better neutral zone transition game. Special teams has improved. Mantha has also been key, I believe he's becoming the core leader (on and off the ice) of this young group and giving them a lot of confidence and an identity.
  12. Ericsson needs to sit

    Seems the consensus is that he's player better this year. Maybe you all are right, I'm a tad bias as I vomit at the sight of him. That being said, do you think the fact that he's playing better, has good size, could be considered a "veteran", could make him a viable trade asset/piece? Or is his salary hit still too large$ for another team to consider? I want him gone!!
  13. Ericsson needs to sit

    ha ha...was that two minute soliloquy after the ridiculously stupid, unneeded, horrible timed penalty in the 3rd that lead to the Avs starting their comeback to win the game? Funny, cause our radio team just spent some time last Wed on pregame to the Flames game saying the exact opposite. Anyway, I Totally agree with you. Someone in this organization likes him to the point of being blind. Reminds me of the Jason Williams/Brett Lebda organizational love. Why I am bringing this up now as juklitz posed...good question. I just can't take it anymore!!! I swear under my breathe whenever I see him on the ice. But now, I think we now have some legitimate, viable, "net-net" gain options with some of our younger guys to sit him or trade him..something!! He's literally driving my insane with rage.
  14. Ericsson needs to sit

    Good one kickazz. Ha ha ha. I'm assuming your joking or haven't been watching. Good one!