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  1. Learn2LuvIt

    Gallant fired - Deboer replaces him...

    Hmmmm....something is off for me on Gallant and his coaching skills and performances vs his firings. I get it and it definitely can be argued that he's a great vs. good vs. horrible coach. But this just doesn't add up to me. I understand the firing from Columbus, but FLA and Vegas don't add up to me. He was the Jack Adams and The Hockey News/Scotty Bowman Award winner in 2018. Yes Vegas was ousted in first round last year, but this was after making the SCF the previous year with a first year team, and in the mix to make the playoffs this year....seems like a pretty quick trigger finger to fire on Gallant. So quick, it leads me to have the opinion that he's brings some sort of baggage with him. Either being a pain in the @ss to work with or play for, or other off-ice issues. I just don't buy that FLA and Vegas threw in the towel on him so quickly as he was having success to a certain extent. I mean....FLA and Vegas were not total train wrecks in terms of records. I just don't get it and wouldn't be surprised to hear down the road of some sort of off-ice baggage or very difficult to work with management style. IMO
  2. Learn2LuvIt

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Agree. I think Stevie is waiting till he has full understanding of who he can get and who he can't. I don't see him rushing to pull the trigger on this. IMO-He likely has a list of coaches in mind that he'd want, and as the season plays out, his "list" of guys he wants will shorten. As the list gets smaller and smaller I would suspect the back-channel communications will start to happen with the short list coaches and their agents. Basically this....100% off the record and will be denied if gone public, but Yzerman wants to have a very serious conversation with you about you being his bench boss in Detroit.
  3. Learn2LuvIt

    Your thoughts on Sergei Fedorov

    After watching The Russian 5, does anyone think that the Wings and Wings fans should give Feds some additional "guts" points when considering if he should be in the rafters? By pure #'s it can be argued either way (for or against), but do we give Feds a little extra love considering what he went through to get to Detroit and start his new life and hockey career? Other players you primarily go off of the #'s, but this guy defected from the USSR to come play in Detroit. I realize that we had other players that did the same to come play for us, but none that have the #'s to make an argument for being in the rafters in addition to the stats. It was a total boss move that had lives in the balance if it didn't go the way it was planned. Style points??
  4. Learn2LuvIt

    12/17 - CRL GDT - Jackies @ Wingsys 4:30 PST

    Big Bert on the telecast last night...not too shabby. He looked comfortable and had some really good insights, especially post game. My wife noticed that early on, he had his hands as normal with his hand tats showing quite openly. She then noticed (according to her...oh and btw ...she's crazy) that late in the telecast he was keeping his hands palms up as to not show hand tats as much. I assured her she was right and went to bed. Thought he was good and had refreshing insights.
  5. During the 2nd Period of Tues game (can't remember the exact time during the period), we were getting swarmed by the Jets. Just an onslaught of offense and our D was scrambling. Right before the whistle blew there were 3 Wings standing directly outside of the crease in front of Comrie in essentially the form of a triangle...the other 2 Wings were chasing the puck around looking quite honestly a bit silly. Once the whistle blew, you could see Comrie laying into the 3 guys in front of the net, you could tell he was saying something to the effect of stop standing around and screening me....go play D!! Ugghh...it was hard to watch.
  6. Learn2LuvIt

    Would you bring back Babcock?

    I think the way this ended in Toronto has likely put a massive jolt of shock and anger into Babs and his ego. Especially considering his firing was from the self proclaimed "epicenter of hockey" in Canada. I mean, he's probably thinking "after multiple gold medals...this is how you treat a national hero??" I know the Leafs are an NHL organization, but the town of Toronto (which is tied to the hip with the Leafs) is where most of the shots are called in terms of hockey in Canada and the NHL. I could see him seeking a little revenge on many in the town of Toronto and many within the Leafs organization. I don't see him taking a year or more off to evaluate and look for the right opportunity...I think he's pissed and now on a mission to prove to Toronto that they made a big mistake. As far as Commodore's comments when he was fired...kind of lame. We get it dude, you didn't like your boss and thought you didn't get a fair shake or weren't treated right. I got news for you dude...welcome to the club. Bosses can totally suck. But do you have to kick a guy like you did when he's down (and not just kick...I mean top rope to the head with a lot of very personal insults about Babs as a person). What he said may be okay if there is that much bad blood between the two (I don't think anyone knows the true details of what happened)? I guess.... But on the day he got fired to publicly state that he's a "terrible human being" and "selfish pr#@*" is a little strong. Low class.
  7. Agree. Hard to watch Howard go through this. Can't determine in my mind if it's him and his ability at this point in his career, if it's totally on our D and support they are giving him, or has losing and this team just put him into a major "funk" and only a change of scenery could bring him back to the level he once was. I totally understand that a bad defense and bad goal tending aren't mutually exclusive. A bad D corps can sometimes make even great goalies look bad. But Jimmy has had a lot of goals get by him this year in which he should have made the save. I just know that the days of Jimmy being super hyped and a staple of this organization are gone.
  8. Learn2LuvIt

    Blash replacement story

    I have a feeling that many, many in this organization are going to feel the wrath of Stevie this season. By "wrath", I mean gone. Per this thread, this organization is broken or weak in almost every aspect - top to bottom. IMO -Stevie is a winner and he won't simply watch this season go down the road it has been going. I know he's preached patience, and rebuilding "will take time", but if I were with the Wings organization, my head would be on a swivel. This guy hates to lose, and not only hates to lose, the Wings are embarrassing (for Wings and Wings fans standards)...this just isn't going to fly for long. I've said it before, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see some major player, coach, and front office moves this year. Likely some player moves that are surprising as we believed said player was a part of our "core" or future. More specifically, and not saying I'd be against this move, but many Wings fans I've talked to believe AA is a part of our "core" and future. Not sure if agree with that but If rumors are true about AA and him having a bit of an attitude and "me first" mentality....HE GONE!
  9. Learn2LuvIt

    Truculence and the Red Wings

    "Keep the flies off" - Babs
  10. Learn2LuvIt

    What's worse than this team?

    Road construction in Michigan Close 2nd: The Masked Singer on Fox (TV) Panel of Judges wondering who the masked person is: Who could it be!!?? Bill Gates?? Lebron James?? Elon Musk?? Taylor Swift?? Tom Cruise???? Reveal: Ohhhh, it's Kato Kaelin!!!! Former OJ Simpson house guest that nobody has heard from in 20 years! We were so close!!
  11. Trippy music never gets old. Whooaa....I'm freakin out over here. Send help!!!
  12. Agreed. Also, my gut tells me Stevie will be really active at the trade deadline. Wouldn't be shocked to see him pulls a major move(s) that involve guys that we assumed we were definitely core to our future.
  13. Can we at least pretend that we have a slight chance of making the playoffs at least until....December?? We're not even out of October and this looks really bad and hope already lost....this is ugly. So, it was a great 2019-2020 season for three weeks. Who is under the most pressure in the Wings organization?: The LCA promotions team. Can't wait to see what ridiculousness they conjure up to fill seats come February. Free iPhone night?? Celebrating the "Roarin 1920's"?? Roller Skate Night - (fans encourage to attend game wearing roller skates)?? LSD Night?? Celebrating Michigan Marine Life Night?? This will actually be the "game within the game". This should be fun.
  14. Learn2LuvIt

    Big E Appreciation Thread

    Why the hasty decision on him?? He was just starting to peak
  15. Learn2LuvIt

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    "No bed bugs at Doral"