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    Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

    Thanks for everything Z!! You gave us everything you had, all the time. So grateful. So many great memories you have given us all. Your PK shift in the 3rd period in game 4 of the 2008 SCF, against the Pens, 5 on 3, will always be the "bar" for what TOTAL SELFLESS EFFORT represents. Thanks again
  2. IMO...I'm thinking he will be offered the Seattle job (IF they get a team), but he'll decline and head "upstairs" for the Wings in an advisory role (SVP and Alt Governor) . I'm thinking Jimmy D at age 75 might step down. Kenny will be 63 this November, and that would make him 64 by the time his first season with Seattle is getting underway (if the team ramps up by 2019-2020 season). He's got 4 kids who most are still in the area. Really nice home in the area. He has summer vacation home in Ontario which is a fairly short drive (considering) from the Detroit area. I just don't see it. At his age, what he's already accomplished, doesn't need the money, moving literally all the way across the country to Seattle (or at least spend 2/3 of his year away from his home and family). I don't think he will.
  3. I would highly likely assume that the Wings as a $650+-million dollar organization forecast their costs (as does every big time $$ organization) from year-to-year, 3 year, 5 year, 10 year outlook. In my experience, this forecasting with an aggressive stance, and tends to overstate costs and expenses for protection (and for publicly held companies...better odds to "beat the street"). I would guess that they forecast for their team to always be at the top cap $ for their employee cost/expenses. Meaning, they forecast to always be at the cap$. I don't think they make forecast with anything but that as it would leave them in operational position of vulnerability. They understand the huge cash that can/would come with being successful (going to the playoffs/long runs in the playoffs/winning the Stanley Cup)...so to not forecast that they will be at the cap$ would be an error. "We'd like to be successful, but we didn't budget for it"...or "we can't acquire X player because we didn't budget for his salary". I couldn't care less if the Wings are at the cap and I don't think this ultimately effects ticket prices. However, a brand new $850+ million dollar arena is a different story when it comes to ticket/concession prices.
  4. Learn2LuvIt

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Passing the bad contract around until he finally ends up with a really bad team that's willing to stomach the production vs. the money$.
  5. Learn2LuvIt

    2008 Zetterberg vs. 2018 Crosby

    Not really sure on the exact question (comparing these respective years of the players, and who was better that year...or will Sid top Z's monster 2008 year?) At the highest level though, and considering their entire careers up to this point....Z is/was very, very good. Sid is/was great. Different players, different roles on their teams, different style of hockey they each play. I hate the thought of this, and makes me vomit in my mouth a tad, but it's the truth.
  6. Learn2LuvIt

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    As in like a billion $$ in his 401K??
  7. Learn2LuvIt

    2019 NHL Winter Classic

    It would be nice if the NHL stopped with the year-after-year Winter Classic games. IMO-It's lost it's luster and now seems like a on-going challenge to see what novel stadiums/setting they can play the game. It's obvious from the news that Chicago and Boston are playing in South Bend that the actual teams playing in the game are kind of random/hand-outs. I'd make it a every other year, or something different/staggered timing to create more desire and "buzz" to watch. It's become a bit lame. Have they played the Winter Classic at Arthur Ash Stadium yet?? Augusta National??
  8. Learn2LuvIt

    No More Hockeytown At Center Ice?

    IF additional revenue by doing this would prompt NHL teams to lower ticket prices where I can actually take my kids to a game without forking over a month's mortgage payment...then maybe. However, I know better and understand. It's a business and doing this would only go to bolster team's bottom line$$.
  9. Learn2LuvIt

    Knuckles vs Numbers - The death of the enforcer

    Not saying that I don't think every avenue should be investigated when it comes to the health (short AND long term) of players, Especially considering the speed of the players today, the size/muscle these guys are packing, and the bulked up armor/equipment in today's game. However, isn't this a free will sport? Don't players choose to play in the NHL fully knowing what could happen? I guarantee their parents knew when they invested all of the time and money to cultivate the player making it to the NHL ranks. So...are we protecting players from themselves?? Our sport we love so much has always been like this. It's what makes hockey fans to passionate, and non-hockey fans so indifferent. LIve by the sword...die by the sword. BTW...hate to see players go down like Lindros did...but he did have his head down while gaining the offensive zone at a high rate of speed....what did he expect in a Conference Finals game? Which brings up another question to pose...could some of this be eliminated with better coaching? I know there has been a huge push in "Pop Warner"/youth football, high school, and college to teach better fundamentals to the youth involved in the sport. The right way to hit and tackle, QB's leaving receivers out to hang with vulnerable passes over the middle, etc. . I will say, I'm pretty sure Gordie Howe and tons of other older players who've played in the league would definitely teach that if you skate with your head down while handling the puck... you're going to get nailed.
  10. Learn2LuvIt

    Dylan Larkin Signs ($6.1M x 5 yrs)

    I'm IN as long as he gives out sweet nicknames day 1 of camp
  11. Learn2LuvIt

    Dylan Larkin Signs ($6.1M x 5 yrs)

    Although he may command a hefty price tag... he'll settle for less money$ because he's a home-town kid and wanting to keep the childhood dream of playing for the Wings alive
  12. Learn2LuvIt


    Just a question I have...how come Gibby doesn't get as much love as some others in this town? He is the main player in one of the most iconic sports moments here in Detroit. I've always wondered why he doesn't even at least make some of these lists. Was it just cause that was ONE moment? Some have said he is/was a jerk (not confirmed, but just a few stories I've heard)?
  13. Learn2LuvIt

    Tickets at LCA Holy Smokes Batman!!

    Were these tickets (e.g. $400) via a private party seller/3rd party/ticket vendor, or via direct from the LCA certified ticket provider? If a private party, yes, typically these prices will go down as the game day approaches. Especially on game day within an hour or so of the puck drop. A lot of these private party/3rd party/ticket vendors have systems and algorthmn's in place to maximize profits but to also make sure the tickets get sold and they are not left with a dead asset. You may also want to call the LCA Box Office and check their pricing (their number is 313.471.7575....I was doing some investigation myself so I had the number handy). Also, never a shortage of good tickets being sold outside the arena on game day. Heck, if you even wait a few minutes after puck drop you can get super good deals. Good luck!
  14. Learn2LuvIt

    Yzerman vs Fedorov. Which one was better?

    "Better" would need to be defined further. Feds - More talented Stevie - Better overall impact on his team
  15. Learn2LuvIt

    5 Keys To Success

    A lot of good posts with specifics on player moves/acquisitions etc. My list is more at a high level as an organization. 1. Determine our goal/identity as an organization for the next three years, develop a clear plan, and stick with it no matter what. If this is a youth movement, then so be it....the wavering mid-plan by getting distracted by early/mid season success and then thinking "we could make a playoff run", bright shiny player pick-ups, etc. is what kills. Also, have a 5 year plan that transitions from the 3 year plan. Be open and transparent to your fan base about the vision. Not with every minute detail, but let them know where your heads at as an organization and don't hide behind set-backs. Getting them a look into what your are trying to accomplish could help with getting them excited about watching the plan come together and sticking with the team. 2. Get the best coaching and support staff that money can buy. 3. Agree as an organization that there are very few untouchables in regards to roster moves if the moves align with our three year plan/strategy. My short list would be Larkin, Mantha, Zadina, Veleno and....no one else. 4. Defense development as a priority. 5. The mentality that every move counts. EVERY DECISION CAN MAKE YOUR TEAM BETTER. From what to serve at team breakfast, to what type of skate sharpening machine do you use, to minor, low profile development league player decisions. Jeff Luhnow, GM of the Houston Astros, has/had this mentality when re-building the Houston Astros and his philosophy has been talked about a lot. There is a story that one of their assistant coaches (not very high up in the coaching ranks) thought they could get better at base running by putting a trash can half way down the first base-line in practice. This idea was simple, and sometime used in even youth baseball, but many of their players weren't running the first-base line at an angle in preparation to round first and head for second. They started dong this. Luhnow their GM believes this helped them gain 15+ extra bases throughout the season. Every decision can make your team a little better.