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  1. i honestly don't think it would have any effect on the 2020/21 season. Maybe I'm wrong, but really only a few teams would be playing that late into July as they move through the brackets. The two teams in the SCF would still have a month+ to rest and get ready for the next season. Maybe delay the start of the season by a few weeks or something..but these teams/venues/cities are going to be desperate to get people in the doors asap. They'll want the season to start as soon as possible due to losing months of revenue$ due to the season suspension.
  2. Since the Tigers are...um...not good, it would be awesome to have summer playoffs.
  3. Yeah agree. However, in this situation and if they suspend and go off of current standings....A LOT of teams that don't make it in the playoffs or have what they feel are undeserved low seeds will have something to complain about. Be it: we didn't get to play as many games as the other teams, we were just coming into the easier part of our schedule, headed into a long home stand, we were set to have top player(s) just returning from injury, etc. Some teams will feel screwed by this for sure, no way around it. What's the alternative though? If you cancel the season entirely then you'll still have teams feeling as if "this was our year to win the Cup!" and they're getting screwed. If you continue to play the season out then you're perceived as barbarians who'll be on cable news every night. I don't see any real "wins wins" with this.
  4. So they're all headed back to the Maple Leaf's Head Quarters?
  5. IMO- I can totally see a scenario where the NHL suspends the regular season and ends up having the playoffs in April (or later) with either the top 16 seeds as of the day of the suspension announcement, or condensed playoffs with less total teams/seeds to to shorten the playoffs. Fans able to attend?...who knows.
  6. Learn2LuvIt


    In an effort to replicate what was done in Detroit with the Russian Five, Kenny has been secretly traveling to China to scout with the plan of shocking the world and drafting only Chinese players in the 2020/2021 draft, and creating thus what will be know as the "Mandarin Five" line, which will dominate the NHL for years to come.
  7. Learn2LuvIt

    2020 Playoffs

    Any opportunity to see a Torts post game interview is never a bad thing. Especially after a badly officiated game. As the young whipper snappers are saying these days..."that guy has no chill".
  8. Learn2LuvIt

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    IMO - AA is shaping up to be very similar to Maxim Afinogenov. One/two really good years, elite speed, defensive liability for most of his career except for his two good years, a pain in the ass to deal with from an organizational standpoint, and way, way overrated. I remember and article written back at that time stating that Buff should have traded either Briere or Drury for more pieces because they had Afinogenov. I was HOPING that he'd shut up and take a page from his new GM's handbook on how to overhaul his game and become dominant at both ends of the ice. Could you get a better example of how "that" works with Stevie as your GM and steps away from mentoring/advice?? Dam. Also, with his +/- being horrendous and only one short NHL playoff round experience under his belt...I'd be really, really nervous about him being on the ice during a critical playoff game if i were a coach. He's been in the league now for 5 years and not the "speedy youngster with such potential" anymore. He'll likely learn the hard way as most with his disposition do..
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    Of course they know what the military is.
  10. Learn2LuvIt

    Are these press conferences necessary?

    Blashill might be an okay AHL coach but he sucks as an NHL coach and I like him well enough not to embarrass him and fire him now when this season is far beyond repair
  11. Zadina: "I am going to fill our bench with hometown Frenchies"
  12. Learn2LuvIt

    Joe Thornton

    ha ha! Totally agree with you. Always a bit overrated. However, unfortunately, his size and experience alone would attract interest from a few playoff caliber teams at the right price AND if he'd be available. Big body, tons of experience and deep playoff experience, calming veteran influence, still above average passer of the puck, etc. Someone would want.
  13. Learn2LuvIt

    Gallant fired - Deboer replaces him...

    Hmmmm....something is off for me on Gallant and his coaching skills and performances vs his firings. I get it and it definitely can be argued that he's a great vs. good vs. horrible coach. But this just doesn't add up to me. I understand the firing from Columbus, but FLA and Vegas don't add up to me. He was the Jack Adams and The Hockey News/Scotty Bowman Award winner in 2018. Yes Vegas was ousted in first round last year, but this was after making the SCF the previous year with a first year team, and in the mix to make the playoffs this year....seems like a pretty quick trigger finger to fire on Gallant. So quick, it leads me to have the opinion that he's brings some sort of baggage with him. Either being a pain in the @ss to work with or play for, or other off-ice issues. I just don't buy that FLA and Vegas threw in the towel on him so quickly as he was having success to a certain extent. I mean....FLA and Vegas were not total train wrecks in terms of records. I just don't get it and wouldn't be surprised to hear down the road of some sort of off-ice baggage or very difficult to work with management style. IMO
  14. Learn2LuvIt

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Agree. I think Stevie is waiting till he has full understanding of who he can get and who he can't. I don't see him rushing to pull the trigger on this. IMO-He likely has a list of coaches in mind that he'd want, and as the season plays out, his "list" of guys he wants will shorten. As the list gets smaller and smaller I would suspect the back-channel communications will start to happen with the short list coaches and their agents. Basically this....100% off the record and will be denied if gone public, but Yzerman wants to have a very serious conversation with you about you being his bench boss in Detroit.
  15. Learn2LuvIt

    Your thoughts on Sergei Fedorov

    After watching The Russian 5, does anyone think that the Wings and Wings fans should give Feds some additional "guts" points when considering if he should be in the rafters? By pure #'s it can be argued either way (for or against), but do we give Feds a little extra love considering what he went through to get to Detroit and start his new life and hockey career? Other players you primarily go off of the #'s, but this guy defected from the USSR to come play in Detroit. I realize that we had other players that did the same to come play for us, but none that have the #'s to make an argument for being in the rafters in addition to the stats. It was a total boss move that had lives in the balance if it didn't go the way it was planned. Style points??