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  1. Korean Spam

    Whatever . You all are missing out. I just met a guy through the "spam" who, for certain political reasons, needs someone in the United States to help him stash his wealth of over 5 $billion dollars. He's giving me half of his fortune as soon as he verifies my Social Security# and bank account info which I just emailed him. You guys are a bunch of suckers. Now I'm a billionaire. I win. You lose. Can't decide on a mega yacht or a private island as my first expenditure. Maybe both.
  2. Sedin Twins Calling it a Career After Season

    Stats tell the only story that matters
  3. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    But doesn't the fact that he plays for Michigan automatically make him eligible for the Red Wings "Hometown Hero", over-hype player package and supreme loyalty for the next seven years??
  4. In Vegas they're (specifically Ken Boehlke) calling Tatar the 13th best forward on the team at this point in time.
  5. 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    "But it's turquoise""
  6. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    There is a 36 year old Accountant/Goalie in Chicago with current NHL experience and a winning record that will play for the league minimum.
  7. 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    I'd love to see Vegas win the cup and put Canada in total TILT.
  8. Holland and Blashill expected to return

    That's a nice luxury to have since they are owned by primarily by R&B Ontario Teachers Pension Plan. Most private owners or ownership groups might beg to differ on the amount of $$ being paid for an over abundance of front office staff.
  9. Holland and Blashill expected to return

    You can't really prepare for this unless you take the approach that you're willing to always pay more and always willing to match promotions with the team attempting to poaching your talent. It's common in most every business and a side effect of success.
  10. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    What??!!! Ahhhh come on!!!! I was waiting on the Kronwall 2 year contract extension next year!!! Where is your freakin loyalty Wings????
  11. I never stated he should go up in the rafters. My initial point was that IF you don't believe he should go up in the rafters due to him leaving a year early to go be back to his home country to be with his family after he'd given 14 years of his life to this organization and fans, I just think that's weak reasoning. Life happens, he gave you 14 years of his life living in a strange place 5,200 miles away from his true home. I look more arguments and reasoning based on stats and/or contribution. BTW...there technically was no breach of contract on his behalf. Every player has a right within their agreement to walk away with or without penalty (depending on the agreement). I've seen a current day NHL contract. If there wasn't these provisions, Dats could be sued with the demand that he pay back every dollar that was paid to him over the entire agreement.
  12. Fair point. I just don't see this as a total D#ck move as he wanted to return to his home country for family reasons, and he never tried to hide that fact as a secret. I guess I have some compassion for a guy that gave 14 years of his life to the Wings, to leave and return home to his native country to be with his children. As a parent, I can totally relate. Yes, he broke his contract with one year left to go, I get it. It's not like he was breaking the contract to play more golf in Palm Springs. I won't hate on him for this. He gave us too many great years of his life and played a SIGNIFICANT role in us winning two Stanley Cups. When it comes to Wings player resentment, there is a lot more low hanging fruit than Pav.
  13. IMO- I didn't really view Dats departure as being on negative terms. He said for years he wanted to return home to Russia to raise his kids and live out the rest of his life. In my book, that's fair of him to do. Does it tarnish is legacy within the Wings organization and fan base, highly likely. However, I think what he did was on the up-and-up and transparent.
  14. Whipping Boy

    I think the optics/feelings that he's disappointing, once again stem back to the Wings "hype" train that we often fall victim (me included). The early articles about how we were so lucky to get DD. Kenny really pulled all of the strings to get the home town boy to come play for the Wings. The words "coveted" and "sweepstakes" were being throw around. Blah, blah, blah. Another guy that we put up on a pedestal for no performance based reason, overpay, and expect them to be good/great NHL players. Granted every young player comes with some risk, but if DD were not from Detroit, not played at WMU, his dad had not been friends with Kenny, then I don't think he'd ever have been on our team. Both by his choice and ours. He's okay. Average. Overpaid. Looking at history, probably won't develop further into the player of the hype he was receiving. Our organization just has issues recognizing this, putting fair market-value offers out to these players even at the risk of losing them. This systemic hype/loyalty "thing" the Wings organization consistently falls prey to is becoming a character flaw.
  15. Wings are horrible! How could they go and win this game?? I mean taking shots on the actual net from less than 40 feet? Scoring goals? Good defense? Are you kidding me?? This team needs to get their act together. Very disappointing.