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  1. Learn2LuvIt

    GDT 9/17 - Blackhawks at Red Wings 730 EST

  2. Learn2LuvIt

    Reddit red wings thread

    Is this some sort of new radical therapy?
  3. What?? Hot-n-Ready Pizza's aren't good enough for them?? Live by the sword...die by the sword.
  4. Learn2LuvIt

    News From Around the NHL

    We were the 4th worst team in the league last year. I hate to say this as I'm usually pro "accumulate talent based on priority of needs"...but we need major help in every area. Offense, defense, goal-scorers, shut down D, offensive D, puck movers, ....you name it and we pretty much need it. I'd lean towards best available talent with the best contract terms for the Wings and our 3-5 year roadmap. We could debate the bigger wants/needs for months, and maybe Stevie and the Wings brass have a better idea of what gaps to fill first, but the reality is that we need a lot on both ends of the ice. Just my $.02
  5. Learn2LuvIt

    Zadina Says It

    Nice!! The ol' "I'm not very good at my current position, but believe I could be super successful if I took a promotion to a higher position". 60% of the time, that argument works every time!
  6. I see you point but IMO highly, highly unlikely Kronner ends up in GR. A couple of reasons I have this opinion: GM's (just not our previous loyal Kenny, but most GM's) don't do this to veteran guys who are going on their 16th season with the team and have played a integral part in winning Stanley Cups. They find other options for them if they don't believe he can contribute on the NHL level. Also, from Kronners perspective, I think his pride would not allow this to happen at all costs. I think he'd have a talk with Stevie about hanging them up or options on a graceful way out. And I wouldn't blame him a dam bit.
  7. Learn2LuvIt

    "The Russian 5" Documentary

    Watched it (finally) last night. Really, really good. A lot of good insight into how tight that team was off the ice. Loved it when Mac explained the difference between a sucker punch and getting cold cocked. Hilarious. If I had one very minor "I would have liked more" from this, I would have liked to have more insight from Stevie on his perspective as the Captain and how he dealt with their style of play, speaking very little (if at all) English when they first arrived and how this effected how they communicated, how he dealt with the perception among the other teammates that "Russians were bad for NHL hockey", etc. However, top to bottom a outstanding film. Yes! I definitely got the impression that Kozlov had a major edge to him.
  8. Learn2LuvIt

    News From Around the NHL

    My buddy just texted me: If we could sign him for super cheap $$, do I think we should sign Phaneuf for a 1 year (2 max) to stabilize our D and provide some leadership until we're able to bolster our D via GR, draft, and trades? My one word response back to his very long text was "NO"
  9. Learn2LuvIt


    Maybe. As said by Jonas I don't remember hearing anything at all publicly about this. IMO-Hard to think that Holland could have blocked anything from the owner of the team and a guy as hands-on as Illitch. What leverage would Holland have and why would Illitch even need his approval to do what we wanted to do?
  10. Learn2LuvIt


    Kinda dumb piece. It's like documenting the collapse of your washing machine. So great at first, but WHAT!!!!....after 20 years it breaks????! Preposterous!!! Moving on.
  11. Learn2LuvIt

    Signed: Finnish Defenseman Oliwer Kaski

    This Highlight reel (and most in general) of young players are awesome. Two minutes of them high fiving their teammates, replaying every highlight three times...each time in even slower motion. I need one of these!! Me making a sweet transfer of leaves into the yard bag, me loading the dishwasher with supreme efficiency, pulling up close enough to the drive through ATM machine so I don't have to "superman" out of the window, etc. I could easily fill a....3 minute highlight reel.
  12. Learn2LuvIt

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    Totally agree. Had to be tough for him and he's handling it with pure class.
  13. Learn2LuvIt

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    Heard Holland on the radio this morning. Today, he sounded like the whole notion of him being the architect and making the Stevie Y thing happen was posturing and BS. Paraphrasing, but he made a comment along the lines of: The Ilitches made it clear that this was a distinct possibility (bringing Stevie in as GM), with this being a possibility he felt it was time for time to step aside, and the Illitches made him a fantastic offer. A few weeks ago when the announcement was made, there was some press hype that this was Kenny idea from the start, and he was proactive in making this happen and was pushing for this to become a reality. IMO-Didn't sound that way this morning and I sensed in his voice that he wasn't jumping for joy throughout this whole process. Probably really happy for Steve and wishes him and the Wings the best, but I think the press MAY have gotten out of their lane a bit on reporting this.
  14. Learn2LuvIt

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    Since Edmonton seems to have miraculous "luck" with landing the 1st overall pick, Kenny may finally find himself in the rare position of getting THE top prospect to build the Oilers. That would be new and interesting to watch unfold in the sense of player pick and said players development. Another topic for another day:....how the Heck does the Oil land so many 1st overall picks? Canadian Hockey Elite Conspiracy? Next question: with such top end talent coming in, shouldn't it be a punishable by law that they've been pretty much garbage (except for 2016-2017) for such a long time. I don't get it.
  15. Learn2LuvIt

    Is Mike Babcock overrated?

    Yeah, overrated in regards to what they are paying him for sure. If I had my pick, there would likely be two current coaches who I'd take over Babs. However, what happened to the Leafs/Babs last night I believe more a testament to how awesome the NHL Playoff's are and what a massive grind and accomplishment it is to win The Cup. The "second season" is a bit cliche, but it's soo true and what makes the playoffs compelling even in the 1st round. Compared to some other pro sports like the NBA, the 1st round is really a formality (e.g. see Piston's basketball). With the NHL, you never freakin know and "upsets" happen every single year. Crazy...but awesome. Babs will have a tough summer and likely a tough road ahead in Toronto indefinitely until he either gets them The Cup or deep (like game 7 of the SCF deep). He'll bear the brunt from of an old saying he saw here daily in Detroit: "To whom much is given, much is expected".