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  1. Learn2LuvIt

    Vote for Larkin!!

  2. Learn2LuvIt

    If you had the choice...

    Option #2. Selfishly - Now that they are in the East, by the time I get my kids to bed most games are in the 3rd period. I kind of miss the days when we were in the West and I could settle-in at 9-10 PM and have a few beers and watch the full games in peace (no distractions from children).
  3. He's at Dick O'Dow's in Birmingham. Funny thing is, I'd actually take that bet. A buddy of mine see's him there all. the. time. I have a pretty funny story about Murph throwing a balled up napkin at my brother (who is from Denver) and telling my brother to go stick the napkin "up Claude Lemieux's A$$!!!" It's actually pretty interesting to think that: in his last years with us, he was likely the slowest player to ever play in the NHL. It's was brutal. However, if he did suit up he'd be even slower...which would mean that he'd be so far behind the play...that he'd be a threat for stretch pass breakaways (going the other way). Hmm
  4. Pretty disappointed we couldn't finish this one out with a win while we were ahead going into the 3rd. Especially considering Trampa Bay had played the night before. The positive take-away: they were coming off playing the night before, but two of our better forwards were out of the game (lil Bert and Mantha)...considering this both teams had an excuses to lose. However, we hung in there and gave them all they could handle. I thought our speed gave them a lot of problems last night (this may be cause they played the night before though and their legs were burnt). Their a top team in the league and I thought our guys showed a lot. I heard someone on the radio this morning state that, after watching the game last night, they can see the Wings being a playoff team that could take a team like Tampa to the brink and potentially beat them. I just don't see it. They are a way better team and IMO..if this were a playoff series, last night would have been the closest we would have gotten to a win. They'd crush us on a playoff series. Their just too dam talented, well-rounded, and deep. Good effort.
  5. Learn2LuvIt

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    I don't know...I really don't see Kenny taking the Seattle job. Jimmy D is 75 years old and has a lot of other things to keep him busy (Tigers, Saginaw Spirit, getting out of bed safely, etc.). I see Jimmy D retiring from the Wings (or at least reducing his role in the organization) and Kenny moving into Jimmy's role. Of course, Stevie becoming the GM.
  6. Learn2LuvIt

    In Praise of Tyler Bertuzzi

    Is this hearing due to Lil Bert punching Calvert while he was sitting on the bench?
  7. Learn2LuvIt

    Rumors Thread

    Except for the work ethic...sounds like Homer 2.0. Sign his ass now!!!!
  8. Learn2LuvIt

    Rumors Thread

    This. You'd have to think there is something on this guy that is known by these GM's (and not publicized) and turning them off.
  9. Learn2LuvIt

    I Love Larkin

    I wouldn't. IF McDavid were to get seriously injured by chance, that become's a horrific trade.
  10. I don't mind winning as long as Kenny is willing to deal guys to make this team a contender in a few years. When I say "willing to deal", I mean willing to move players who are (currently) playing well for us. I'm terrified that he'll buy into the notion that we are a playoff team that could win a series or two, and keep players who we could deal to make this team a lot better in a few years. Winning is great, but don't be fooled. I bleed Wings red, but I want to be sober about the little bit of success we've had lately and get to being really competitive as soon as possible. We are a below/middle of the pack team and we need to focus on the future. This team will not be the "Cinderella Story" of the season/playoffs. I wish they could be, just too many weaknesses to sustain.
  11. Learn2LuvIt

    Rumors Thread

    Agreed. If I were Kenny I'd ask the world for Jimmy as he's in a position of strength. Plus, it sets the table well. As the year wears on, St. Louis might still be needing a goalie, and they may come back to the table as the trade deadline nears and they realize that Howard is a commodity for a few teams who have that need and are playoff bound.
  12. Learn2LuvIt

    2019 Draft

    No. Soft. Euro's.
  13. Learn2LuvIt

    Helm and Rasmussen

    I will say though, as highly touted as Zadina was/is, I'm pretty surprised that he is taking so long to establish his dominance down on GR. Today, I'm a bit disappointed. Fan shock that he didn't make the Wings team after camp is proving to be unfounded. He couldn't play on this team right now without looking highly exposed. Still very, very hopeful. Just thought we'd see some dominance fairly quickly after the hype he was given.
  14. Agreed. If you move your feet and keep skating, more often than not, shooting lanes open up. He's not doing this. He's just floating. He's an easy cover for the opposing D right now. Frustrating.
  15. Learn2LuvIt

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville

    But do you believe that Coach Q with 22 years of NHL coaching experience, 3 Stanley Cups, and 18 playoff appearances would be totally clueless on how to go forward with this younger team? Like is Blash, with his few years of NHL experience and 1 playoff game win the only guy in the world that knows how to coach a younger, rebuilding team? I think Coach Q would be just fine. Actually, more than fine. Again, I won't be upset if we don't get him, but I believe you always go out and get the very best if available. If he did come here, he'd be fully aware of what he was walking into. It's not like he'd be surprised at training camp and bail. If we COULD get him, I'd likely do it under a long term deal. Last point - it may be a lot easier and quicker to rebuild if you have a coach with a proven track record of winning cups, handling superstars, etc. to attract top players to come play for the Wings. I don't think Blash gets any players in a frenzy with all of his hockey cred.