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  1. Agreed. If you move your feet and keep skating, more often than not, shooting lanes open up. He's not doing this. He's just floating. He's an easy cover for the opposing D right now. Frustrating.
  2. Learn2LuvIt

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville

    But do you believe that Coach Q with 22 years of NHL coaching experience, 3 Stanley Cups, and 18 playoff appearances would be totally clueless on how to go forward with this younger team? Like is Blash, with his few years of NHL experience and 1 playoff game win the only guy in the world that knows how to coach a younger, rebuilding team? I think Coach Q would be just fine. Actually, more than fine. Again, I won't be upset if we don't get him, but I believe you always go out and get the very best if available. If he did come here, he'd be fully aware of what he was walking into. It's not like he'd be surprised at training camp and bail. If we COULD get him, I'd likely do it under a long term deal. Last point - it may be a lot easier and quicker to rebuild if you have a coach with a proven track record of winning cups, handling superstars, etc. to attract top players to come play for the Wings. I don't think Blash gets any players in a frenzy with all of his hockey cred.
  3. Learn2LuvIt

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville

    Great points and I agree to some extent. However, coaching and staff don't go against your cap. So when a good coach becomes available, I think you have to seriously consider. If Coach Q came in under the following it may work: Stevie will be GM next year. Assertions that EVERYTHING will be done to rebuild as quickly as possible, and that he'll get superstars within a few years. Long term deal. World class hockey town and fans. Original 6 team. Great, I mean GREAT money. It may work. Blash is doing as advertised BUT nothing more. He's doing some good things with our youth and development. However, when he was hired, I do believe the expectations were that he was going to do more than just be a great developmental coach to our younger players. I believe he was expected to do bring these young guys along and put a competitive NHL.team on the ice. He has not done this. Not entirely his fault do to many personnel issues/retirements/bad signings. I wouldn't be upset if we didn't make a run at Coach Q, but I'd seriously consider it. Good coaches are not easy to come by. Lastly, I believe Babs would have taken the Toronto job regardless if they were coming to the tipping point of going from a rebuild to being really competitive. $50 million reasons why he likely did this. Toronto threw a Brinks truck at him..why...cause good coaches are hard to find. They don't go against your cap, and if you can get them and they align with your vision for the future of the team, you go out and get them.
  4. Learn2LuvIt

    Sens players caught knocking coaches, laughing about team...

    Ouch! In collegiate or minor league sports, this would NOT be good for the players in this video. However, in big time pro-sports, with your top players involved (e.g. Duchene), I think this will actually come back and not be good for Marty Raymond. It's unfortunate that players can in some ways dictate staff (e.g. see Tyronn Lue formerly of the Cavs), but I can see this being the first domino of his departure from the Sens. More than enough evidence on this video to claim "he's lost his squads" (PK and PP) and not being effective.
  5. Learn2LuvIt

    Moose vs. Mantha

    I'm getting rid of Moose. Although I'm pretty disappointed in his effort and season he's currently having, Mantha just has too much upside to throw in the towel on him right now. This may change, but this is how I look at this today..
  6. Learn2LuvIt

    In Praise of Tyler Bertuzzi

    I love his game and heart. He has many intangibles. I'm liking his game a lot more than Mantha this season. To me, Mantha has become Robert Lang. Floater. Waiting around to play offense. Against the Oil the other night, he was not good. i saw on multiple occasions him neglecting to engage in a battle for puck possession. Eye test = uninspired.
  7. Learn2LuvIt

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    Yep, great points. It did work in Chicago and Tampa, but totally understand it's a slippery slope. I'm just getting tired of being at the bottom of the league, but not far enough at the bottom that without genius/luck drafting, improving our team is very limited. I'm kinda in a "get busy livin, or get busy dying" mentality. I want to win of course, but just feeling like we'll back to being a playoff team if we commit to a rebuild and put our cards on the table, and commit to our youth movement. Even if we are really bad for a few years. The league is now built for parity, and without a lot of luck and low draft picks turning into absolute studs (not one of them, but multiple), this is really the most effective way to get back to winning. I think our fan base and level as a city that is extremely loyal to our Wings will ultimately prevail. IMO..I don't see a lot of Wings fans walking away from this team after a few horrendous years if we all are aware we are in a rebuild mode. My worst case scenario for this year would be to: win enough to still be somewhat in the playoff picture come the trade deadline. Then we make a stupid move and try and upgrade the team with a veteran on a short term deal, while trading away either young players showing promise, or low draft picks (or draft picks in general). Then we miss making the playoffs in the last two weeks of the regular season. Best case scenarios for this year would be: 1. Start off the year hot. Young players starting to impart their identity on the team. We continue to win and play well. No trades made at the trade deadline. We make the playoffs as a 6 seed. Our young team known for their speed and out hustling other teams shocks the world and makes it to the SCF. Ken Holland announces the night we are eliminated that he's moving up to the front office to take over Jimmy D's position. Stevie Y is at this game and next to Holland as he announces this news. Kenny states their will be a press conference the following week to announce the Wings new GM. (The first part of has already played out, and we are not making it anywhere close to the playoffs...this option 1 is out). 2. We are a bad team through the whole year. However, we are committed to our "rebuild" and playing our youth through the entire season. From the good stretches to the outright horrendous losing streaks. We trade a few of our veterans at the trade deadline for draft picks and also get a few young players who show promise. Our young players get vital experience and bond together as a team committed to improvement the following year. Kenny announces retirement with Stevie Y next to him, and same as above, states that new GM will be announced the following week. We get Jack Hughes, and a few other young studs in the draft (including a top D prospect) in the draft.
  8. Learn2LuvIt

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    I would agree. However, I think WHEN you get the right pieces in place and are ready to get out of "rebuild" mode, actions like firing your entire coaching staff and replacing your GM can be big indicators to your team and fans that that the "rebuild" is over and you're expecting to win/make playoffs/win a cup.
  9. Totally. Or...free curly fries if you can name one player from the team.
  10. Hopefully in a few weeks they'll back this down even further to free Curly Fries with every assist. Jack Hughes baby!
  11. Learn2LuvIt

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    These players know the deal. They see and hear what's going on around them regarding being in "rebuild" mode. I think this effects the players mental state and drive to win. Almost as if they are waiting for reinforcements and resigned to the fact that it's widely accepted, even internally, that they are just gong to be a bad team for a while. It's like getting paired with a notoriously bad euchre player...you just realize from the start that your not gong to win and therefore you hardheartedly play, the table conversation has you more interested than the game, and try and be the funniest guy at the table. Oh yeah...and you're constantly having to ask at nauseum "what's trump???" Besides this there is really nothing else to do besides lose.
  12. Learn2LuvIt

    2018-19 Season Lines Thread

    I feel ya. I don't think I've ever worried that Big E might help us win. Life is strange
  13. Learn2LuvIt

    2018-19 Season Lines Thread

    This is the future that me wanting to draft Jack Hughes wants.
  14. LOl! Totally valid and great response. Well done sir. I was more alluding to how I felt when we were down/tied late into the game. I never thought "It's Mule time...we got this". Never did. Always had Dats, Z, Lids, Raff, Flipp as my guys who were going to come up clutch. Oh yes, and Brad May. Also, your totally legit on the stats you provide, but there are goals/points that are scored after the GWG. It would be an interesting stat to see how Mule stacks up if we looked at goals scored/points when we were up by more than one goal.
  15. I agree that Mule got (and still get's his share) of bashing. My frustration with Mule is that he was so hot and cold, and many of his points came when we were up by 2-3 goals. I know there are exceptions and certain instances where this wasn't true, but I never saw Mule as being clutch. A goal when we needed it.