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  1. Congrats on 9,000 rep. WAY higher than kickazz.
  2. It's weird, but he actually gels with AA decently. Helm is like poison gas for AA, but Glenny seems to be able to give and go and not cough it up. AA gonna double shift tonight?
  3. Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    Good call. Holland is too dumb to try what Krs is suggesting.
  4. Jonas Mahonas

    Who will score more goals to end the season, Larkin or AA?

    AA with 6 pts in 4 games. Very nice.
  5. Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    Hughes would be a huge shot in the arm
  6. Jonas Mahonas

    2018 Prospects Watch

    I wasn't excited about Zadina at draft. I am now. His skating and stamina are strong, and that's the main drawback to a lot of wingers (Mantha). It won't take long for him to be flanking Larkin.
  7. Take away the wins against Nyr, nyi, and Vegas. Guess where we sit? Was it worth it, AA? 4 goals and 2 assists in those games. Jerk!
  8. Can't wait till Abdelkader, Vanek, Nielsen, and Helm are gone. Zadina, Veleno, Cozens, and Berggren much preferred.. Larkin released from Helmdening tonight. Point. Vanek and Nielsen doing time now.
  9. Larkin should have own goaled that
  10. AA with his 20th assist, another career high. 2 goals to 30. 2 points to 50. Neo and 91oR in their bunk beds.
  11. I'm liking Ehn a lot. He stinks at scoring, but he plays a good positional 2 way game.
  12. I just had a genius idea. Pre draft lottery lottery. Last 4 teams have a lottery to see who gets the better odds in the draft lottery.