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  1. Mckinley25

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    I often wonder, while rebuilding a team with players who are still developing, if a young coach like Blashill can still be developing during the process as well. Are coaches expected to be perfect immediately out of the gates? If the Red Wings had been a contender when Babcock left, then maybe a veteran coach would be preferable. In five years could Blashill be a cup contending coach? Or will he remain average indefinitely?
  2. Mckinley25

    2019 NHL Winter Classic

    If I was smart I’d be engaging in discussions of CORSI and other statistical analytics. I am not however, so I’ll just continue to point out things people already know, like what “would of” is meant to convey.
  3. Mckinley25

    2019 NHL Winter Classic

    They likely mean it in the past tense modal correctly written as “would have.” I suspect you know that though as it’s a common grammatical mistake derived from it’s contraction, which is phonetically identical.
  4. Mckinley25


    It’s possible that incident precipitated our own, we wouldn’t have generated much media coverage ourselves, but it could have opened the doors to concerns in our community. We after all only had about 50 students in my high school.
  5. Mckinley25


    Yes. I went to White Pine High School in the UP. Sadly the school has since closed down.
  6. Mckinley25


    My high school’s mascot was a Native American wearing a war bonnet, and we were called the Warriors. There was a bit of discussion in the 90’s over whether or not it should be changed. There were some members of the local Native American community that found the logo and name offensive, not because of the subject featured, but because of the violent portrayal. I do not see that as an unreasonable position to hold. A more innocuous mascot could both honor local heritage and not paint unfavorable generalizations. Further adding to unfavorable generalizations, the current generation is commonly labeled as easily offended or referred to as “snow flakes” or some other dubious moniker that insinuates an inability to emotionally handle conflicting view points. This reeks of disingenuousness when you consider how recent it was that a person of different skin color couldn’t share a drinking fountain or even an academic facility without creating an extent of discomfort that institutionalized segregation! Nothing the “politically correct” movement has shown ire for is even remotely close to the moral fragility possessed by the racist, xenophobic and sexist movements of only a few generations past! I am wary of anyone offering an interpretation of social justice warriors being a worsening trend in view of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. We are much less easily offended at present than we ever have been.
  7. Mckinley25


    Overreacting and misplaced enthusiasm are as old as humanity. It is also a social construct in other species. It continues to be falsely attributed to millennials because of a corresponding rise in an actual phenomenon, the internet. Individuals and groups who don’t overreact, by definition almost, have no use of a mouthpiece, therefore remain as they always have, absent from the public consciousness. The “social justice warriors” of the present time exist as they always have with their inevitable corresponding counterpart, as evidenced in this thread. All progress carries in its wake teleologically vacuous imitation. The presence of this is an indicator of social advancement. The Seattle team logo not including a totem pole is likely as harmless as it having one. The solution as always is rationale discourse, it will shine a spotlight on all those ill prepared to mount a defense of their convictions. I personally enjoy when a team is represented by a locally specific attribution. Though, ascetically, the Seals Jersey is the most appealing.
  8. Mckinley25

    Former Wings

    I wonder sometimes as well how much our development programs affect the quality of our prospects. Some teams always seem to churn out good goalies, are they better drafters or developers? Or both?
  9. Mckinley25

    2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    The national focus of this event is precisely what makes it appropriate to make a stand. I couldn’t respect myself for participating in a nonsense ceremonial event with someone so detestable. If I had an opportunity to have meaningful discourse with said person I’d be there with bells on. Smtih-Pelley can certainly do more for his cause, and whether he will remains to be seen, but this has already been an effective start. We absolutely should speed up progress to suit our needs! We are talking about the alleviation of suffering, we study cancer and aids with as much focus as possible for the same reason we address issues of race relations. What we can’t do is stifle progress to suit the needs of tradition or superstition!!
  10. Mckinley25

    2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Yes the accusations are very harsh, I don’t think this forum is the place to get into whether or not they are accurate, but they are severe enough that not participating in a completely ceremonial event under those circumstances is warranted. There is not a problem with “social justice” advocates, the problem is the internet, as it gives an equal voice to anyone with an opinion. It may distract from, but it doesn’t undermine the efforts of progressivism all over the globe. The world is becoming a better place, it does so on the backs of progressivism as it always has. Some metrics by which we measure the quality of life waver, (suicide is trending in the wrong direction currently) but overall everything is moving in a favorable direction. Race issues have been a problem long before Obama, he demonstrably did not make people more racist, his divisive policies just coincided with the rise of social media, and the shrinking of our world has just illuminated an already boiling pot. But that pot is still cooling, whether our perceptions tell us this or not. For argument’s sake let’s pretend Smith-Pelly’s charges are warranted, this is precisely the same type of awareness that brought previous outdated world views to their knees and left us with a more tolerable world. The protests of the anthem have already awakened people to the idea that respect of what the flag stands for outweighs respect for the flag itself. We will be a stronger country because less people will lose site of that. The pendulum continues to swing so don’t be discouraged when it reaches its mirrored extreme, for it’s narrowing with each pass.
  11. Mckinley25

    2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    I dont think a good faith gesture in light of the accusations made is advisable. I agree that more than the protest is advisable though, but the event hasn’t even occurred yet, so we can hardly discuss that. I also very much live politics and as always, change is occurring. There’s a reason every generation improves upon the previous one. These issues are definitely changing the way people think and if we look back at this in twenty years, the prevailing opinions will seem antiquated by comparison.
  12. Mckinley25

    2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    If the White House visit wasn’t just ceremonial nonsense then I might agree with you, but it’s hardly an avenue to discuss something of substance like what Kim Kardashian did. So taking a stand gets people talking about it and it absolutely does work, it already has, the issue is being discussed nationally and a spotlight pointed at the problems. Historically this is often how change is initiated.
  13. Mckinley25

    2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    He’s very much not making it just about him. It’s the treatment of fellow citizens that he’s protesting. Whether his position is right or wrong it can’t be stated it’s only about him. These issues are much larger than sports.
  14. Mckinley25

    2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Isn’t that his point?
  15. Mckinley25

    2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    This is exactly how I feel, the Caps have been working to get better every year and it’s paying off, but I doubt a Vegas situation ever happens again, so it’d be a great sports story if they completed their journey.