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  1. A clean hit in Russia is when everyone believes they died of natural causes.
  2. Four of Vanek's points came in one game too (his most recent). So maybe he's either starting to build chemistry with his team or just had one good game.
  3. Whoops I made one too, and you made 3 just for good measure!
  4. Unless I'm in an alternate universe there's a game on.
  5. I love free 3rd round picks.
  6. People seem to find a way to drop thier success with almost no provocation around here.
  7. Of course Florida can't win now either since we received their conditional pick....
  8. They are 23 points behind the Wings with 20 games left to play. I can't imagine the Wings dropping any lower than 3rd to last. I don't know how the lotto is weighted though.
  9. The only accomplishments that have any value are not the kind you can use to gloat or put others down. That doesn't mean you can't discuss the meaningless ones that excite you. If you have an investment that does well for you, great, I'd love to hear about it. If you score a hatrick in your beer league, great, love to hear about that too, they mean about the same. Calling someone "blue collar stupid" bears more weight on your character than any amount of wealth you could acquire.
  10. How many 3rds do the Wings have now?
  11. Has anyone ever been traded at or near the deadline just to resign with the team that traded them in the immediate off season?
  12. Is my memory correct that Marchenko once said he only wanted to play for Detroit and that's why we were able to draft him in the 7th?
  13. They're sleeping....shhhhh
  14. Good film.
  15. More like the NFL made a mistake by having their season finale the same day as the outdoor game.