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  1. Mckinley25

    Utah... Yetis?

    I think that’s what was intended by some with the name submission contest but the official statement from the Blue Jacket’s organization stated it referenced the Union uniforms.
  2. Mckinley25

    Utah... Yetis?

    Yes, but I was responding to a post that seemed to be suggesting it would be preposterous for their team name to be affiliated with an actual blue jacket.
  3. Mckinley25

    Utah... Yetis?

    I thought their name was a reference to the Civil War uniforms being manufactured in Columbus.
  4. Mckinley25

    Utah... Yetis?

    They are supposed to be a blue jacket/coat.
  5. Mckinley25

    Toronto vs. Boston

    I was surprised a few times that Boston wasn’t penalized.
  6. Mckinley25

    Toronto vs. Boston

    I haven’t watched many games this year, but I caught the last half of game 2, and I was impressed with the stick checking effort and effectiveness by the Bruins. Those of you that watch regularly, are any other teams succeeding in this area as well as Boston? The team seems to be bought in. I think it’s fair to recognize this as a distinction between talent and coaching.
  7. Mckinley25

    Semi-Rattled Wings vs Rattling Sabres @ 1 PM EDT

    He stole the puck from Buffalo, they had last possession.
  8. Mckinley25

    3/19 Jackets Soy Boys vs Wings Young Swede

    The Wings are really struggling to control their passing/possession game. It seems like their decision making is slow, limiting chances and causing turnovers. I don’t remember observing this when they were winning.
  9. Mckinley25

    Yzerplanners at Tire Kickers - 2/13 GDT - 9 PM Regard Time

    I thought Lyon let in 7 goals and Husso let in one.
  10. Mckinley25


    Who scored the fifth goal? It’s still not showing up on the box score.
  11. Post exodus letsgowings, emancipated from the fair weather fans is more real, more fun and I suspect a safer place for hockey discourse. I should post more myself but I haven’t had time to watch games and have little to contribute unless the topics stray far enough from the sport. The site malfunctions are the only regrettable feature here.
  12. Mckinley25

    2021 TDL Thread

    Are Vrana’s statistics more impressive given the disparity of talent between the two teams? Or is that too difficult to discern?
  13. Mckinley25

    NHL Diversity

    This isn’t an explanation of causality, it’s the result of what the explanation is demanding. Your anecdote is an evasion of empiricism and lends itself to some rather uncomfortable interpretations.
  14. Mckinley25

    NHL Diversity

    If, as you suggest, the solution to the plights of a desperate class are to seize sole arbitration of their destiny, irrespective of exogenous obstacles, what then remains as the explanation for the current state? I guess I would also be curious as to how the point of opportunity can be determined, given a concession was made to some effects of discrimination. Particularly with your added example of an exception, which seems to undermine your position as that would obviously be attributed to causal factors, and if not, then again, what alternative remains?
  15. If the tweet produced earlier in the thread is an accurate representation of the event, and Datsyuk was asked to comment on an anti-*** law, and he responded with, “I’m Orthodox, that says it all”, he is inferring that his position is represented by that institution. Theology can be imprecise, but the Russian Orthodox Church has been full throated in their stance on homosexuality. It is still a weak kneed response though, in both content and delivery.