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  1. Mckinley25

    2019 Draft

    Wouldn’t years played and years played in specific levels/league be more determinate of development than age? Further, is draft class not based the the former? I haven’t seen any other analysis that favors the age metric until later in player’s careers when years in the league are too unevenly spread across players.
  2. Mckinley25

    BOS vs. CBJ - Round 2

    How about, “Tortorella’s guarantee as worthless as a BJ with a lot of teeth.”
  3. Mckinley25

    BOS vs. CBJ - Round 2

    My preference would be that the Jackets do not allow Boston to win another game. Though, not having seen every second of the series, I don’t know the balance of dirty plays. Eh...**** Boston.
  4. Mckinley25

    Are you Happy with the Second Round?

    How else does a “no name” team become a team with a name, but having playoff success?
  5. Mckinley25

    TOR vs. BOS - Series Thread

    We can now shower, drink moonshine or blueberry shakes, whatever our preferred method of cleansing is and collectively forget we supported Boston. Blue Jackets, you have my allegiance.
  6. Mckinley25

    TOR vs. BOS - Series Thread

    There is one reason above all others to root against the Leafs, and that is, they have more Cups than Detroit. Sports is about who finishes with the most, so until we have more championships than Toronto, they remain our enemy.
  7. Mckinley25

    2019 Draft

    I abandoned my thoughts too abruptly. Should Holland stay with the organization, they are then just adding additional experience and gray matter to the group. I think that is reason for measured confidence and optimism.
  8. Mckinley25

    2019 Draft

    I wish the alternate universe where Holland remains the GM was accessible so we could compare his selections to Yzerman’s, but I’m left now to speculate madly about the disparity in quality.
  9. Mckinley25

    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    Though unintelligible as it was, you can be certain his chirping carried more wit and timing than Hedman’s embarrassing remark.
  10. Mckinley25

    Met Jamie McLennan last night (Includes Yzerman News)

    In strictly isolated factoring, yes, but given applied variables accounting for the metrics that determine contingency for taxation itself, that conclusion is not always true. This explains the Keynesian/Hayekian polarization burdening our politics today.
  11. What is the argument against a simple system where the order of picks are determined by standings and repeat top 3 or five selections (or whichever seems most appropriate) are forbidden? I can appreciate the efforts for parity, but true parity would be every team winning once across a 31 year cycle. The more an outcome is controlled the more likely it will converge with knowledge of the outcome. The individual and collective profit incentives appear at odds.
  12. Mckinley25

    News From Around the NHL

    I need to become an NHL analyst, I’ll only ask for 10% if their budget.
  13. Seven figures apparently is still an insufficient amount to retain a healthy supply of character and humility.
  14. Mckinley25

    2019 Trade Deadline

    I don’t believe it would tarnish his legacy at all to be traded, but he is the caliber of player that you give what he asks of you. Unless he asks for another contract.
  15. If the season ended today it would be the 40th overall pick.