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  1. Mckinley25

    2020 Draft Thread

    It looks like he’s using the force to stop the puck. Draft him.
  2. Mckinley25

    World Juniors

    Is joe veleno the only representation the wings have?
  3. When are they going to start giving away cars at the games again?
  4. Mckinley25

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    It started as a push back to the criticisms of the younger generations, (a position that can be traced back literally as far as recorded history, as well as it’s corollary response) but the millennial/boomer battle coincided with the rise in internet saturation and meme culture so it may appear to be novel.
  5. Mckinley25

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    I haven’t seen the fifth episode yet but the previous one halted the entire narrative momentum solely to provide a Kurosawa homage. Oh yeah, not trying to out anyone’s age.
  6. Mckinley25

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    It’s ok, I think the general consensus is that it’s good. I can’t shake my devotion to Star Wars even when it’s less than optimal, though I’ve never even glimpsed the cartoons. The Mandalorian is interesting enough in its aesthetic to be worth the time/money. Is anyone here actually a boomer? I think the end of that cycle is the early sixties. I’m 20 years shy of that myself.
  7. Mckinley25

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    There is definitely some quality content buried in there but who has the time? The only tv I’ve watched lately is the Mandalorian.
  8. Mckinley25

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    Those were truly dark times to be alive, but those scars are compensated with surplus character. Seriously though, now there’s such an overwhelming amount of content I think beehives are no longer in danger.
  9. Mckinley25

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    But how many were DBZ?
  10. Mckinley25

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    I know nothing about DBZ (I wasn’t allowed to watch TV growing up with a few exceptions.)
  11. That bothered me about the first chapter as well. A digression like that should either provide a future utility or an opportunity for exposition, but not only did it avoid both, the conditional setup was abandoned too! I don’t even remember, did he ride the dinosaur out as well?
  12. Is this to replace Pickard at the AHL level?
  13. Mckinley25

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    It is definitely unnecessary unless your safety would be compromised, but I am unaware of any European nation where that would be a genuine concern. This is obviously anecdotal but my wife was born in Europe and we frequently visit her family. Every experience I’ve had in sharing my United States citizenry has been notably positive. If there are any substantial number of travelers engaging in that deception (has anyone tracked that?) then unless their experiences are wildly different it’s empty posturing.
  14. Mckinley25

    Illitch Holding Hires PR Firm

    This template might be the most effective way to get to know everyone here haha.
  15. Mckinley25

    Some Windsor Coach Pulling a Jussie Smollett

    I am comfortable stating with a high level of certainty that if the sexual identity movement of the last few decades could retroactively be erased, the gender identity movement would be non existent. It’s a cumulative linear progression. Even the legitimate aspects of gender identity are inescapably joined with its predecessor precisely because societal perceptions of gender were rigidly associated with sexuality. The nuances of gender fluidity couldn’t be explored until a separation occurred, and that was reliant on the historical contingency of overturning sexual suppression. The meaningless distinctions you mentioned are also contingent on the expansion of gender understanding, thus cumulative. They are easily dismantled however, if gender is fluid, then there is an infinite number of possible descriptors between two points of distinctions, which renders the entire exercise no more sufficiently applicable to identity assignments as your given name. This leaves us closer to where we began this journey, with a binary but practical and enlightened form of biological distinction. I mostly agree with everything else you wrote, but I’ll add more later, I’ll have time while the Wings underwhelm tonight.